Why ClassDojo Is Changing The Way Parents, Students, And Teachers Interact

There is one app that is changing the way parents, students, and teachers interact. The world of “parent and teacher” is always a confusing one because teachers don’t know how to lay it all on the table unless teachers bring teachers in weekly, which we all know is not possible. ClassDojo is finding a way to empower students and parents by staying connected even in a classroom setting with their latest new app. The app is now being used across the United States in more than 85,000 schools at the moment. ClassDojo is an app teachers use as well as parents, and the teachers can send videos, pictures, and even messages to parents via the app to keep parents in the know.

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The app also gives teachers that main chance just to give parents a heads up on what their kids are doing in class. Are they doing well? Do they need extra help on a subject and the parents need to be involved? ClassDojo has solved one of the biggest issues in education right now, and it’s an ever evolving technology that will better enhance the learning experiences for students in future generations. ClassDojo is currently in need of more development and new team members to help craft better features and find more growth to further enhance its design.  Source: en.wikipedia.org


Receiving a massive $21 million in funding, the app’s creators will be able to find more people to handle support requests and find tune the development of the future of the ClassDojo app.


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