Marketing is a dynamic field that keeps evolving. This change is necessary because changes in technology and new trends must reflect changes in marketing strategies. Marketing in this era of social media has indeed become digitized. White Shark Media is an ideal example of a 21st-century company that offers digital marketing solutions for their customers. They possess a wealth of experience in marketing tools including the latest trends such as Google Analytics integration, keyword tracking, and competition intelligence.

This company bases its operations on the values of accountability, transparency, cost-effectiveness and world class customer service. They may have been in the market of almost five years now but already having an excellent client base. They have become one of the leading digital marketing firms in the US. It is clear from this portfolio that this is a company with exceptional corporate awareness and plans.

However, it is not a smooth road to success as the management at White Shark Media elaborates. When your business is client-centred, customers will always have differing opinions about your service. Of high value is that a company analyses such reports, takes the compliments and implements measures to correct the complaints. Most of the allegations in marketing according to White Shark Media management include communication and quality of service and personnel.

Communication is a broad and complex topic. Organizations receive judged on the basis of the effectiveness of their communication patterns. In this regard, White Shark Media implements sound internal policies to ensure that clients are at the epicentre of information flow. This flow relates to all phases of a project including consultations, decision making, financing, implementation, and review. As such, once a client walks through the door with a project, they are assigned contact persons with whom the project takes shape. They facilitate constant communication and consultation between the customer and contact person. This means that communication lines are put in place and open round the clock.

The quality of service and personnel is essential in keeping clients happy. White Shark Media ensures that their staffs are well trained and equipped with relevant skills. This initiative serves to inspire confidence among customers that only experts handle their projects. Also, employees master the process of interpreting and understanding the precise needs of that client while coming up with ingenious ways of implementation. Lastly, the quality of service reflects in the value statement of White Shark Media. Their customer service enables them to identify other services clients need so that they can offer the complete package.

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