Wessex Institute of Technology- Collaborating with the world for science

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1981. It is an internationally recognized educational and research institute located in the South of England. WIT achieves its goal of knowledge transfer and exchange of information through conferences, publishing and research. In association with other organizations and educational institutes, the Wessex Institute of Technology organizes around 25 interdisciplinary conferences throughout the world. WIT Press is the publishing arm of WIT and it publishes papers, conference findings, journals and monographed research. Its eLibrary is open-access and has over 30,000 new and archived peer-reviewed papers. WIT has collaborations with universities and organizations around the world for research and development facilities. According to www.businessinsider.com, the research at WIT is in fields like electrode kinetics, ecology, rapid manufacturing systems, fracture mechanics and crack propagation, corrosion models for environments and many others. WIT annually awards the George Green Medal and the Prigogine Medal to recognize and encourage scientific thinking.  Click here for added articles.



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