Wendy Huang: Among the Top of YouTuber Stars

Since it was founded ten years ago, YouTube has been the launch pad that many ordinary people have used to become international stars. Viewers have a plethora of subjects that they can watch on the popular site. They can learn how to replace a starter in their car, learn how to play the cello, or laugh at a skit performed by an amateur comedian. While there are thousands of people who get mediocre traffic on their YouTube channels, a select few go viral and become instant celebrities.

The way people make money with YouTube is through the website’s sponsors. YouTube partners with businesses and brands across the world to advertise on their site. When users subscribe to a certain channel, they will see ads from various partners. These companies pay YouTube a certain amount for every hit and YouTube shares the wealth with their performers. So the more viewers a YouTuber gets for his or her channel, the more money that person will make. Some people are making millions just by smiling for the camera.

Out of the many famous YouTubers of this year, Felix Kjelberg remains at the top. The Swedish star goes by the name PewDiePie and films himself playing popular video games. His fans enjoy his over-the-top reactions so much that he has made $12 million during his YouTube stardom. The comedy duo of Rhett & Link keep their fans and sponsors constantly entertained. They are laughing their way to the bank to the tune of $4.5 million thus far.

Other top stars on YouTube include comedians Roman Atwood and Lilly Singh. America has also been intrigued with rap virtuoso Michael Kittrell, the “Angry Ginger”. Fans loved his rants and rap so much that Michael stars in his own reality series “Hollywood Hillbillies”. These people and many others were virtually unknown and became celebrities almost overnight.

One of the top beauty advisors on YouTube is Australian Wendy Huang. In her channel, the Wonderful World of Wengie, she offers makeup tutorials and a lot of other sound advice about beauty. Wengie felt like Asian women were basically being ignored in the international beauty market and she wanted to change that. Even though women of all nationalities enjoy her channel, she is especially geared toward Asian beauty tips.

Wengie’s radiant smile and positive attitude has made her so popular that she now has sponsorship from some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. Wendy not only advocates outward beauty, but she also talks about internal beauty. She continues to be among the top in YouTube celebrities.

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