Trend Setting 101 with Evolution of Smooth

When it comes to setting trends you need a product that is in high demand, sells a lot of products, and has a huge following. One of the best brands that personifies this is Evolution of Smooth. Within 7 short years this brand has grown drastically and surpassed rivals Chapstick and Blistex. At number two on the list of best selling lip balms, EOS lip balm is right behind Burt’s Bees and the brand is selling over 1 million units every week. Company founders stated that they didn’t want to produce a fad type of product, but wanted to create a product from the grown up. With this thought process, the brand has become one of the most popular and well produced lip balm on the market.

The huge success has made it into mainstream as many celebrities have been seen applying the flavorful lip balms in public. Evolution of Smooth can be bought in many types of stores such as grocery, drugs, and specialty stores. In an oversaturated market, this company used a very strategic approach to marketing. Though lip balms are unisex products, (EOS) decides to market to a specific target audience. Being flavorful and brilliant in color, women are more so likely to buy the product and the company focused exclusively on the female demographic.

Evolution of Smooth comes in a wide array of flavors, uses high quality organic ingredients, and is side effect free. Evolution of Smooth is found in numerous chain stores like eBay, Wal-Mart, ULTA, Target, Walgreens and more. Sales of the product is exceeding $1 Million per week. You wont find that in many other popular brands and the company is looking to expand their range in the next few years. Projected sales are expected to be near 2 billion in sales with progressive growth. With a huge social media presence, this brand has figured out the perfect marketing strategy that puts them head and shoulders over the rest.

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