The Startup Master Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a rock star in the technology universe. He is one of the very few people who has shown the ability to be able to launch profitable startups on a regular basis. He has an endless amount of ideas for new companies. He also has the skills to assemble a solid team to help him construct all of his startups. Marketing these new companies after they launch is another thing that Eric has become a master at. There is no question that he knows what the public wants. The companies he creates are always offering a product, service or piece of technology that the public is craving.

Eric Pulier came from very humble beginnings. His family did not have a lot of money to buy him toys. Therefore, he read a lot of books as a child. This made Pulier very passionate about literature. He was not sure what profession he should pursue. He met with a career counselor in high school who suggested that Eric go to college and get a degree in English literature. This would allow him to teach a subject that he is passionate about. Eric took this advice to heart and enrolled in an English literature degree program at Harvard University.

Eric did very well in college. He was a brilliant student and he obtained his degree. However, his interests quickly turned to starting up tech companies after working closely with a few young people on their startup venture. Eric could see that there was a lot of money to be made if he was able to start the right companies and get them to become profitable. Therefore, Pulier abandoned his quest to become a college professor. He devoted all of his time to launching his own startups. One of the most frustrating parts of the whole process was trying to convince people to invest money with him. This was a struggle at first. However, he discovered that more people were willing to hand over their money after he had a few successes. Eric has no trouble at all finding investors these days.

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