‘The Greyhound Diaries’ Take Doug Levitt Out Of His Comfort Zone

Like most Americans Doug Levitt had heard much about the problems of poverty in the U.S., but even in his role as a leading journalist with many major news networks the Cornell University graduate had little experience of life in the heart of the U.S. below the poverty line. After deciding he required an artistic outlet in life, Doug Levitt felt inspiration arrive in the form of the legendary WPA programs for artists to explore the lives of struggling U.S. citizens in the 1930s; using these recordings as inspiration Doug Levitt embarked on a six week bus journey he hoped would provide inspiration for new songs and writing.


Over a decade later Doug Levitt is still traveling the U.S. as part of his ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ project that has resulted in music, a book, and a series of live performances at some of the top venues in America. Levitt has also taken his project to a number of news networks to discuss the issue of poverty and his first hand experience of interacting with people who are struggling to simply get by; Doug Levitt believes shining a light on the issues facing U.S. citizens who are struggling to get by is the only way to make a significant change for the future of society.


Doug Levitt has always been aware of the many different problems facing society at its poorest levels in society as his parents were major community leaders in his hometown of Washington D.C. Despite the political and community work of his parents Doug admits it was not until he began exploring the U.S. as part of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ and came face to face with the realities of poverty that he began to understand the problems facing millions of U.S. citizens.


In his work Doug Levitt points to many different reasons why ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ have become such an important fight against the continuation of inequality across the U.S. Doug points to a media based in the largest cities in the U.S. who rarely explore the vast center of the country to discover the truth of how everyday life is affected by the stress and concerns people face about money.

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