Talk Fusion Celebrates Success of Their App

In just a few short weeks after the launch of Talk Fusion Video Chat, the company is seeing amazing success as they find themselves listed as one of the top communication programs in multiple countries around the world. According to AppBrain, a tool used by Android Market, Talk Fusion Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia, ranked 5th in Japan, and 20th in Switzerland.
The company is enjoying their success, but this is simply the beginning for them and they continue to push forward to gain mare consumers. Talk Fusion is currently gearing up for their highly anticipated 30 day free trial program that is creating a lot of international buzz. Along with the trial the company has enhanced their current products and is including some newer products. In just 90 days the company vaulted over 30,000 positions in their Alexa web ranking, and all the new buzz and offers are sure to help the company continue that climb.
Associates are excited to receive tremendous amounts of support from customers around the glob, and are anticipating huge company growth with the launch of the new free trial. Right now, customers can head to iTunes or the Google Play Store to get the app, or head to an Associates personalized site to join directly and enjoy 30 days of complete access to the company’s entire product line.
Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina, who was told by AOL that he could not email a video out to his friends. Upon hearing this, Reina began thinking about all the possibilities for that could be available with video email and with the help of a tech savvy friend, created Talk Fusion. The company includes video emailing, video newsletters, e-subscription services, auto video responders, video blogs, and more, all aimed at keeping people connected and helping business grow their customer base. Not only is video emailing the way of the future, but it is a proven method when it comes to contacting customers and gaining business.

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