Success Academy Has Improved American Education

The founder and CEO of Success Academy is Eva Moskowitz. It was nearly a decade ago that she decided to launch the largest charter school network of high-performing schools in New York. This way she has managed to improve American education in a big way.


She has no plans to expand the operations of Success Academy outside New York City. But she has launched an online platform that will grow the footprints of the network that will go much beyond New York district.


This will be called “Success Academy Education Institute.” The Success Academy has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan. It will be a free portal. It will be offering access to several things. These include the curriculum besides the teacher development strategies. All these are presently being employed at all the 41 schools of Success Academy all across the city.


The reason for launching this online platform is that a large number of kids all across the country are in schools where they are not learning the basic level of reading and writing and doing mathematics as well as science. Hence Success Academy wanted to provide the solution. This is being achieved by providing the online platform. Through this platform, Success Academy is sharing all that they have developed. They are supporting this model through educators from all across the country and even the world.


Due to this effort by Success Academy, it was the winner of the $250,000 Broad Prize. This is being given for various programs that promote college readiness of students. These can be in the form of scholarships, campus visits and so on.


This way Success Academy is experimenting with several approaches to education. They are trying to share the lessons they have learned with the education community in general.


This online platform is currently offering literacy curriculum. This is for kindergarten and goes up to fourth grade. This is the first step being taken here.…/success-academy/index.php

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