Karl Heideck gives details of the new children safety law in Pennsylvania

Road carnage is an occurrence that frequently happens all over the United States. However, according to statistics held by the AAA, there is a worrying trend in incidents of road carnage that are happening. Many of the victims who lose their lives are children. Road carnage is a leading cause of death in the United States. As law commentator, Karl Heideck explains in one of his writings, the state of Pennsylvania is one of the states that are taking action in an attempt to mitigate these incidents. One of the steps that have been taken by legislators in the state of PA is to pass a law that will require that standards of safety for children to be improved. Karl Heideck has detailed how the laws work, and we will use this article as a reference.

The children’s safety law was passed in August 2016, and with a grace period of one year. This means that effective August 2017, the law has been in operation. For the past one year, what the police have been doing is to stop drivers to check if they have complied with no penalty charged. However, that is no longer the case as those who have not complied are liable to a fine. The fine depends on the age of the children carried. The law puts clearly a distinction on rules to be followed for children less than two years and those who are less than eight years.

For children of two years and below, they are supposed to have special seats that are facing towards the rear of the car. The child should not only face backward but should also be fastened to the seat securely. Research has that children who are less than two years tend to break bones easily even in a seemingly small accident. The backward posture is safer for children. It protects them from injuries in case of accidents. For children who are less than eight years, they are supposed to have a special booster seat. For drivers who do not comply with these regulations, the fine is $125 for children less than 2 years and $75 for children less than 8 years.

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