Staying Natural

It’s amazing how something intended for good can eventually turn out to be negative. For instance, the preservatives which food companies once put in the food to keep it fresh, have now been found to be harmful. While preservatives certainly do a lot to prevent food from spoiling, they also contain ingredients that can be detrimental. Perhaps this is why more people are turning to all-natural diets to avoid the chemicals that have become so common in modern foods.

Staying Well-Preserved

A person’s health can sometimes get pushed to the backburner in tis busy society. It’s common for people to eat what’s convenient as opposed to what’s best for them. However, a bag of grapes can be just as convenient as a bag of potato chips. Not only are the grapes lower in salt, calories and fat, they don’t contain the long list of chemicals. There’s an old adage that says “If you can’t read the ingredients, don’t eat the product.” However, virtually anything with a list of ingredients should be avoided. A tomato from the grocery store doesn’t have a list of ingredients and neither does a cut of meat. These are the types of foods people ate when our species was far healthier. If we return to a diet of all-natural foods, we may put an end to diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

All-Natural Remedies

The hospital may be the one place where people are forced to ingest chemicals within their medicines. However, more and more natural cures are being discovered daily to treat everything from athlete’s foot to cancer. Foods like flax seed are high in antioxidants which prevent the accumulation of free radicals. This in turn reduces a person’s chances of contracting cancer. People are even taking steps to make sue their four-legged relatives ae also protected from the chemicals used in modern food.

For years, pet food companies have used the least expensive ingredients possible when they make dog food. However, Purina changed this trend when they introduced their Beneful line in 2001. This was one of the first mass marketed pet foods to concentrate on pet nutrition. The brand contains hearty pieces that resemble a quality stew, and the food itself is designed specifically for a certain type of pet. There’s a Beneful for large dogs, small dogs, and even puppies to ensure the pets of the world are just as healthy as their masters. While almost all dog foods contain preservatives, Beneful concentrates on keeping pets as healthy as possible.

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