Status Labs Moves to California

Online reputation management is a fast growing field. Status Labs, an online reputation management company, has been growing exponentially and increasing their services. Companies and individuals need to worry about their digital hygiene. Potential customers read online reviews and potential employers look through their future employees social media profile. Negative information can cost, which is why these firms are growing.

Status Labs offers a number of customizable services to help promote, fix, or maintain a customer’s digital reputation. Search engine optimization helps to move the more profitable, positive information to the top and the negative information off page one. Google results are like the newspaper, and sometimes it helps to bury the negative news off the front page. Social media marketing helps to promote businesses and individuals through the use of social media networks. Connections to social media sites helps to push up results.

Public relations services are offered. As a PR firm, Status Labs offers the traditional services in addition to the digital services. Crisis response services are always valuable to clients in need. No matter how proactive you are, there are still crisis situations. The firm offers more specialized services in financial communications. They handle and control communications around transactions, like mergers and acquisitions.

This fast-growing online digital reputation firm has expanded their offices to include on in Los Angeles. The demand for their services grow in Los Angeles, so the company opened a branch in the area. As a promotion for the grand opening, Status Labs is offering a free “digital facelift” to their celebrity clients. The office came as they found themselves flying out there frequently to emergency situations. Darius Fisher, CEO, feels that the demand is in response to the quality and capability of the firm’s online digital reputation services.

Darius Fisher hired another business manager to help with the West Coast expansion. Spencer Blye, a former strategist at Weber Shandwick, was brought on board to help with the growth. He has formerly worked at Unilever, Sonos, and Verizon, providing strategy for their digital service. Los Angeles is a city where reputation is important for both individual and business alike, which is why their services are in such high demand. Status Labs helps individuals take control of a crisis or manage an existing reputation. The goal is to look their absolute best when anyone searches for them.

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