Status Labs, Ashley Madison, Reputation Management, and the Art of Damage Control

At some point during a crisis, the only step a person can take is damage control. That is not necessarily a bad thing. The damage cannot be undone, but work can be undertaken for the sole purpose of trying to reduce the effects of that damage. Harm to a reputation is never easy to fix. Yet, there are ways to help improve an unfairly sullied reputation.

Recently, hackers exposed a ton of personal details about members of the website for Ashley Madison, a dating service for married people looking to have affairs.

Everyone should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. With hacking all the rage these days, privacy online is not necessarily easy to maintain. With the public dumping of Ashley Madison files, a great deal of formerly private data is now right there in the internet to be stumbled upon. So, if “Jon Doe” chooses to apply for a job and the employer runs a search of the name through the search engines, all that embarrassing information from the Ashley Madison hack may turn up.

At least the online reputation management firm Status Labs is making free crisis counseling available to those who have been exposed via the hack. The crisis counseling may end up being extremely helpful to persons stressed out over the situation. More importantly, the affected persons can talk to someone from a solid online reputation management firm.

Status Labs has worked very hard to represent and service people from all walks of life. Whether the clients be private citizens, those who work for the government, or someone who is a major celebrity, Status Labs has done whatever it could to repair the online damage done to the person’s reputation.

Through a protracted public relations campaign combined with working on publishing positive information online, a great deal of effective damage control may be possible. Helping to stem the damage to a reputation in the wake of something as serious as the Ashley Madison hack is not going to be easy. However, with the right effort and the right online reputation management firm handling the job, huge improvements could end up being done. Once a reputation is repaired, life almost begins anew.

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