Shaygan, a business and technology genius

Shaygan Kheradpir has had much success in the business and technology industry. His knowledge and expertise has allowed him to be promoted into his current position, CEO of Coriant. His journey to becoming CEO has been filled with patience and taking the time to increase his familiarity with the business and technology field.

The life of Shaygan Kheradpir began in London in the year 1960. Though Shaygan was birthed in London, he grew up in Iran. Iran is where Shaygan would attend his early years of school. During his high years, Shaygan would relocate again to Switzerland. While in Switzerland he attended the high school Aigion College. Once he completed high school, Shaygan moved to the United States where he would attend college. He attended Cornell University where he received a degree in electrical engineering. He started with his bachelor’s degree and attended until he successfully received his doctorate degree.

After receiving his degree from Cornell University, he landed a job at GTE Laboratories. At GTE Shaygan used his skills to work on their network. He was responsible for routing, managing and controlling the GTE Laboratories network. His hard work and dedication allowed him to be promoted to the chief information officer position. While working as chief information officer, Shaygan gained notoriety because his work ethics allowed him to deliver new products in a timely manner.

Shaygan continue to work with GTE Laboratories even when they joined with Bell Atlantic. The joining of these two companies formed Verizon Communications. In many cases the development of a new company from two existing companies would cause many jobs to be eliminated. Instead of losing his job during the merger, Shaygan of arnnet was promoted into a new position. No more was he the chief information officer, in the year 2000 he became president over the Verizon’s e-business division.

Shaygan did not remain content in this position. He continues to work hard until he receive another promotion. His next promotion would elevate him to Verizon’s first CIO/CTO. Shaygan’s presence was surely felt at Verizon. He assisted the company in developing telecommunication services and automation operations.

Shaygan’s ability to be innovative allowed him to improve how Verizon functioned thus allowing it to be more efficient and productive. One of these innovative ideas was in regards to developing small teams. In 2001, he created small teams whose main purpose were to develop and cultivate new product designs, concepts, and ideas. In addition to small groups, Shaygan put into operation a 30-day prototype rotation. This particular cycle allowed Verizon to quickly test and revise new products that were currently in development. This speedy testing was made possible with the help of 7,000 employees that worked long days and nights. The hard work of Shaygan and his team helped to create iobi.

The experience gained through working for Verizon helped to prepare Shaygan for his current role as CEO of Coriant. He has held this current position since September 28, 2015. His expertise in the business and technology field can only foreshadow the great works that he will do while at Coriant.

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