Securus Technologies to Provide Free Calls to Inmates in Louisiana

Securus Technologies, a prominent provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, investigations, and public safety, announced that it would be allowing every inmate at one free call per day to facilitate communication with their friends and relatives. Securus saw this as a great way to help the inmates to keep in touch with their beloved ones after communication was impacted by the recent floods. The program is set to last through September 7th.


According to the CEO of Securus Technology, Richard A. Smith, connecting inmates with their family and friends especially at a critical time such as the case of floods in Louisiana, is a vital service that is core to the mission of the company. The floods in Louisiana are severe, and Securus Technologies will be employing extraordinary measures to ensure that communications are maintained to reduce the stress and anxiety of the inmates and their loved ones.


The value of the free calls that Securus will be providing is approximate $300,000. Moreover, Securus will contribute $50,000 to the Louisiana Department of Corrections to further assist the inmates held in the institution. In the next seven days, Securus is approximating to connect more than 250,000 free calls.


Securus Technologies is a profit based prison technology company. It was founded in 1986. The headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas and have four regional offices in the metro area, and one in Atlanta, Georgia. The company serves more than 3,450 correction agencies, law enforcement, and public safety firms and over 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The company is committed to serving the clients by providing top notch services such as emergency response, investigation, inmate self-service, incident management, communication, biometric analysis, public information, information management, and monitoring products and services to make the world a better and safer place to live.






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