Securus Technologies To Investigate GTL For The Louisiana Public Service Commission

Inmate telephone charges has been in the news a great deal lately. I feel for the inmates who are trying to communicate with their families. However, we must understand that special precautions have to be taken for those in prison to make phone calls. These are not just normal phone calls. They have to be monitored, recorded, and screened for anything potentially dangerous. Securus Technologies was hired by The Louisiana Public Service Commission to see if Global Tel Link was guilty of misappropriating charges to prisoners and their families. The news of the scandal has been made public, and many people are awaiting these reports. Some have paid dearly for phone calls to inmates, especially if their loved one or friend has been incarcerated for an extended period of time.

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GTL provides outbound telecom services to thousands of inmates across the country. The real problem is that there are not many companies that provide this service. They have full control of what they charge and their billing because there is little legislation to stop them from doing so. When the Louisiana PSC investigated GTL actions, they found that several things were concerning that they thought needed to be further evaluated. They called in Securus Technologies due to their extensive work in investigations.

One of the issues I have with this whole scandal is that the information that prompted the search is over 18 years old. They governing agency stated that the “sins” had continued from GTL and warranted an investigation. Who cares what was done nearly two decades ago? This company’s current actions should be the only thing in question. The official report stated that GTL added time to the phone calls, anywhere from 15 to 36 seconds. It also stated that they over billed and charged customers additional fees whenever possible.

Securus Technologies will investigate GTL over the next six months. If there is any wrongdoing on their part, they will ensure that it is brought to light. GTL is not worried about the investigation and claims that they have billed well within their rights as a telecommunications carrier. Time will tell and Securus Technologies is a reputable firm for the job.

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