Recruitment Specialist John Goullet Explains The Keys To His Success

The Diversant LLC brand has been at the forefront of the information technology recruitment industry since the company was established in 2010; one of the major reasons for the success of the Diversant group is the fact Chairman John Goullet has brought his many years of experience to the company following the merger with his Info Technologies company. Goullet differs from many of those who also provide recruitment services for the information technology sector as he has worked as an IT professional before deciding to bring his skills to the recruitment sector.

As a business leader John Goullet understands that his own skills must be reflected and improved upon by the standard of executives and employees he works with. Diversant has looked to bring in many of the top executives from different areas of the information technology and recruitment sectors who John Goullet believes can make major advancements to the industry as a whole. Alongside the executives given a role within the Diversant brand John Goullet has worked hard to build an environment allowing employees at all levels to achieve as much as possible in their roles within the company; the Diversant Principal is a strong believer in providing high levels of training, but also builds a sense of responsibility within the company by entrusting the training of newer employees to those with longer periods of experience within Diversant.

Remaining at the top of the IT recruitment industry is something Diversant and John Goullet are consistently looking to do by providing the best possible range of services to their clients. Goullet understands the success of Diversant is linked to keeping up with the latest changes to the information technology industry and using this knowledge to provide the best service possible to clients who are looking for the best possible new employees available.

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