Patty Rocklage Uses Empathy in Therapy

Patty Rocklage is renowned in the Boston area as the marriage and family therapist with a heart. Patty Rocklage warm and empathetic style of communications has endeared to her patients-single people, couples, and family. The fact that she considers it her privilege to be able to help troubled people get a hold of themselves, speaks volumes about the kind of person that she is.

With her over two decades of experience, Rocklage is quite adept at providing workable solutions to the often troubled and distressed people who approach her for help. The pedigree of her qualification is out of the top drawer with her having graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. Her license as a psychotherapist entitles her to practice in Massachusets, and it is here that she picked up her considerable skills in coaching, public speaking, teaching and team building and more information click here.

She believes that these skills make her a better counselor in that her warm and empathetic endeavor helps her help her clients achieve personal growth in a most emphatic way. This is a godsend for the people of Massachusets because life and work are far more challenging in the present times than these were in the past, and more and more people have graver psychological problems and issues than before.

Now more than ever before people need to engage in therapy with trained and empathetic professionals like Rocklage to better navigate their lives. In spite of all the social media channels and endless opportunity for entertainment, people continue to suffer from anxieties arising from job and relationship issues, apart from the uncertainty that has become a norm in the present times.

Rocklage well understands that there is a greater need to engage in current times and with her experience and evolved skill set, she can do just that. It is not surprising therefore to discover that her clients are all praise for her and recommend her quite readily. Rocklage intends to continue serving the people of the Boston area to the best of ability in the years ahead, which can only augur well for the people who live there and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

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