OrganoGold Gets to Customers Through Direct Distribution

OrganoGold is a premium brew that is getting a lot of exposure. This is one of the new brands of gourmet coffee that has emerged victorious largely because there are a lot of people that buy this brand directly. This has become the coffee that is so important to those that are interested in drinking coffee that is healthy. That is itself seems like a sharp contradiction, but gourmet coffee that is healthy is the new trend.

There are some coffee shops on the west coast that are pushing the concoction of sticks of butter and coffee, and this is marketed as bulletproof coffee. There has been a lot of buzz about how this combination is the great solution to boost your energy through the day, but Bernardo Chua has created something far greater. He has actually developed a brand of coffee that is a proven healing agent. The Ganoderma mushroom is the foundation that makes this a wonderful brand of coffee to consider. This is the type of premium coffee that has emerged victoriously as one of the better brands on the market today. More people are becoming familiar with this brand because more people are confirming the way that they feel after consuming this product.

The Ganodrerma mushroom has been attributed to things like lowering cholesterol so there are a lot of people that are curious about the nature of this coffee. The small coffee shops that order this can really entice new customers. These stores have access to a brand of coffee that is not sold in stores so they can provide something that is out of the ordinary. People that may not want to buy a whole box of the coffee before tasting it will usually check out the coffee shops and simply order a cup of OrganoGold. Bernardo Chua is fine with this because he knows that this is all that it takes to get people to take interest in this coffee.

The OrganoGold brand is building up steam as the premium coffee brand that is questionably one of the best on the market. Customers are ordering it online, and it has become one of the strongest brands on the market in the direct distribution realm. Chua could have easily adapted to the grocery chain and used this as the middle man to access customers, but he relied on direct distribution and reaped greater profits.  This led to an award winning strategy that has seen Bernardo rise to the top.  See Chua himself speak about his success on YouTube.

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