NuoDB – Leading Database Company Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts

NuoDB was launched in 2008 as NimbusDB before changing to its current name in 2011. The system’s founders are Barry S. Morris, its CEO, and Jim Starkey. Its database is SQL compliant (elastic SQL database) for cloud applications. NuoDB has analyzed object architecture that operates in the cloud meaning that adding a new server to scale-out the database, it runs faster without sharding. It’s the database that distributes various tasks amongst different processors to eliminate the bottlenecks of data. NuoDB database utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in routing tasks to nodes and besides, it’s ACID compliant.
NuoDB separates data components into programming objects referred as “atoms.” The database is worked around a “strong conveyed cache” plan that uses an arrangement of in-memory caches to bolster cloud-style versatility while guaranteeing that the entire data items are securely maintained and stored. It likewise bolsters MVCC (Multi-version concurrency control) to identify deadlocks data and resolve of coming conflicts. Also, it utilizes components of message-oriented and object-oriented dispersed processing techniques, chiefly peer-to-peer asynchronous formats of communication. NuoDB is produced and marketed by NuoDB Inc., the software vendor formally established as NimbusDB in 2008. Later, NuoDB 1.0 was released into the market in January 2013. The system can operate with no close coupling any application and data on the disk drive.

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