Maximize Image Recognition Searches for Customers

Typing words or phrases into a search box is really becoming passe. Okay, things might not have reached that point just yet but the growth of visual search technology is providing for a very different way to locate sought after items. Now, a copy of a particular image can be put into a search box. Upon hitting enter, the program looks for various images that present a close match.

While there are visual search engines emerging that allow people to locate subject of interest through a visual search, it is the world of retail sales that seems to be impacted the most. Consumers might not be able to completely articulate or describe what they are looking for, but they can cut and paste an image of it. The image could be a close rendition of what they seek.

For a retailer, this means the buyer has the ability to locate a desired product relatively quickly and easily. Once the product is found, it can be bought. The process really is simple and there is a way to make it even easier. How so? The organization of the images in an online catalog would help.

Selecting the best images for any products sold on a website would a step in the right direction for those hoping to take the greatest advantage of image recognition technology.

Also, it would be wise to input three or more images of the merchandise in different sizes and taken at different angles. Since the retailer does not know what type of image the consumer is going to cut and paste, having a number of different images helps with delivering a good match.

Of course, it never hurts to have the best image recognition technology in place either.

Slyce is quickly establishing itself as the very best of the product and image recognition providers in the industry. So successful is the company, Slyce has become a publicly traded stock and is available on the TSX Venture Exchange. Slyce is expected to continue to grow and, possibly, become the top name in image and product recognition technology.

Perhaps those retailers looking to connect strongly with consumers should think seriously about using Slyce’s cutting edge technology.

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