Marketing For Visual Searches

Images have always been a great online marketing tool, but now images are becoming are turning into your most powerful e-commerce resource. Visual searches are increasing in popularity because users are able to easily find what they want without having to write out a description. The technology is here and visual search engines are popping up left and right making images an essential part of your marketing platform.

Product Images

Image recognition is done by finding the closest image matches possible. Within a few short years this is going to become a vital part of selling products online. Searchers can easily screenshot a product they like and place it into the search engine. From there, a visual search will be performed that will show the user exactly where they can buy the product.

As an online business, you want your images to show a clear and colorful projection of your products. High resolution photos cause an increased chance of your image being placed as a top pick in search engine results. The color contrast helps image search engines separate similar products. You’ll want to have multiple images of the same product that shows it from different views as well as the various colors that the product comes in. This ensures that any angle or color the searcher uses will bring up your product as a result.

Infographic Marketing

Infographics have become a popular trend in recent years because they display information to readers in an easy to understand format. Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media websites have slingshotted the effectiveness of infographics. With visual searches, users can take these infographics and find the source relatively easily. In turn, this can result in an increase in web traffic and sales.

Testing Your Images

Once you have images and infographics created for your site you can always test them out. Slyce is a leading visual search engine that works well for testing your site’s image search results. Slyce has helped companies gain as much as an 18 percent increase in sales as a result of image search marketing. It’s a Smartphone app that potential customers can use to take pictures of items they like and find them online in a visual search.

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