Marc Sparks Has A Good Reason For Writing A Book


Marc Sparks is many things. He is a solid businessman and also a very well respected philanthropist. Now, he can add a new title to his resume: published author. The book bearing his name is “They Can’t Eat You – My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success”. That is a pretty interesting title. While the “They Can’t Eat You” part grabs people’s attention the most, the “Path to Outrageous Success” reflects the words people should pay the closest attention to. The best way to achieving success is modeling the careers of those persons who have been successful in the past previously. Thankfully, a lot of solid books have been written on this subject. This new one is definitely going to be worth reading.

In his blog, Marc Sparks asks a poignant question. “Why would anyone write a book?” The two most obvious reasons are quickly mentioned: money and ego. People want to sell books, earn cash, and get their name out there. Of course, other more positive reasons to write a tome exist as well.

Using a book to give back to other people is most assuredly a source for motivating authors. Upon achieving a high level of success, a certain segment of the entrepreneur class choose to share their wisdom with others. In doing so, they do their part to aid others in overcoming hurdles and achieving greatness. Someone who has attained success knows a thing or two about how to get ahead. Rather than remain selfish and keep such things secret, good-hearted entrepreneurs and business professionals opt to share what they have learned.

Mark Sparks is one of those people who is focused on sharing his knowledge. The book he has crafted is definitely a viable and valuable way to do this. Checking out his blog reveals a bit more on his motivations and the book itself.

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