Jeffry Schneider: Raising the trend of alternative investments at Ascendant Capital LLC

It takes a person with a sound sense of discipline, hard work and dedication to make any organization great. Jeffry Schneider is one such personality, heading the boutique alternative investment firm in Austin, Texas, called Ascendant Capital LLC. Ascendant specializes in providing unique investment strategies and plans for its different investor crowd that fits every need of its clients. Moreover, its global outreach and focus on private equity are financially beneficial. Ascendant does not compromise on meeting every requirement of the market. To fulfill these needs, the company has joined hands with exceptional fund managers to create differentiated plans.


Ascendant Capital strives to be a trustworthy source for alternative investment strategies. Their aim is to redefine the way investors view alternative strategies. So, how does Ascendant Capital achieve its goal to stand out and become the number one choice for investment strategy? Through it’s expert process with which the company builds strategies that are fit for the market needs. The company’s focus on client relations and dedicated teams assigned to sales and marketing support sets them apart from their competition. They have the clear vision to create relationships with customers, employees and the market, which is beneficial and rewarding for everyone.

Every organization that excels in its market like Ascendant Capital LLC is led by an ideal person and a dedicated team, where both drive the human resources and skills to help the organization be great at what it does. Jeffry Schneider has changed the fate of Ascendant Capital over the last five years and has raised a capital of over $1 billion dollars. Mr. Schneider’s vision to make their top investors Ascendant’s priority and making alternative investments grow rapidly in the market again is what makes Ascendant Capital successful. Before making this organization great, Jeffry Schneider was offering his expertise at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Moreover, he has received his education from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Jeffry Schneider has instilled the values of transparency, teamwork, voicing opinions and new ideas and listening to them, along with creating a sense of trust between employees. He has 24 years of experience in financial services, the huge web of private and public pension fund, globally spread financial firms and industry work, which makes him a valuable asset to Ascendant Capital. Other than running a successful business, Jeffry Schneider has interests in traveling, charity, taking part in marathons and believes in living a healthy life. Schneider realizes that all able men must help those who need a helping hand. That is why he is involved in some charitable organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.


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