Jason Hope Supports Google’s Medical Evolution

jason-hope2_1408214Jason Hope and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are looking to revolutionize medical technology. Hope has been donating since 2010, making his initial $500,000 commitment towards anti-aging cures.

Today, Google has a hat in the ring seeking cures for the world’s worst diseases, and they rely upon philanthropist like Jason Hope to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Searching For Solutions

There are no signs, no markings, not even a door number. Just a nondescript concrete building, and behind a pair of opaque glass fronts in Silicon Valley lies Google Life Sciences. This division seeks new approaches to health care evolution that catapults medicine into a new technological arena.

Tailor-made implants via 3D printing

Growth in medical technology has grown exponentially over the last decade, allowing scientists to find solutions, even cures to a wide array of diseases, and visionary philanthropist like Jason Hope help with these endeavors.

Technology Solving Vexing Problems

Medical research is just one of several new areas that Google is trying to conquer with great commitment. The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are convinced that almost all areas of life can be revolutionized by technology.

What Does 3D Printing Mean To Medicine?

3D printing can mean customized medical devices. In China, doctors reconstructed the deformed face and the skull of a young girl, using a model from a 3D printer. Before the operation, doctors rehearsed the procedure using the 3D face and skull models. Physicians look at the organ, then carefully scan it to create a replica to work on.

Cardiologist Professor Dr. Christian Butter has had a model made from the heart to better understand what awaits him before the operation. The 3D printer can make an exact replication from the heart of a patient, and this can greatly help in difficult cases, saving time and less stress on the operating table.

Taking cutting edge ideas to the laboratory requires generous donations, and Jason Hope is passionate about this medical frontier and has been a generous benefactor for bridging technology and medicine.

Interesting in studying medicine and technology? Learn more about Jason Hope’s grant program for students.

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