James Dondero Steps In To Help The Family Place

The Family Place is a lovely charity that helps families who are caught out without a place to go. Domestic violence and disputes are often difficult for families to overcome, and it is quite helpful to have a place to go for assistance. The charity wishes to do a $165 million campaign for improvements, and James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has offered a $1 million challenge grant to finish the fundraising drive. This article explains how James has offered help to a worthy cause in Dallas.

#1: The Family Place Does A Public Service

The Family Place offers families in Dallas a place to come when they have nowhere else to turn. The capital campaign ensures the charity will have more facilities to help those in need, and they will build in places around the community that will help serve those around Dallas who are most in need. They must cover a large city in order to do their work, and their campaign ensures such a service.

#2: James Is A Dallas Luminary

James started Highland Capital Management as a large hedge fund that manages billions of dollars a year. He manages international debt through bonds, and he is invested in quite a few different places, and his company is one of the most-respected in the industry. HCM is a large firm that has spawned its own bank, and it has created accounts for worldwide investors.

The firm has quite a lot of cash to offer to the community, and they are giving the challenge grant to ensure others will donate. The company believes that it is quite helpful in assuring the growth of wealth across the industry, and anyone who is invested in the firm receives lovely customer service.

#3: Why Give Back?

James believes that Dallas must be in the finest condition. The city is his home, and he wishes to make the city as welcoming as possible. Families who are aided by The Family Place are given a chance at a new life, and a bit of James’ money will go quite a way to aiding others.

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