IAP Worldwide Services a Trusted Logistical Partner

IAP Worldwide is very proud of the work that their 1,600 employees located in 25 countries and over 100 different locations do on a daily basis. A large portion of that work is to support over 175,000 military personnel around the globe. IAP Worldwide Services also helps numerous private businesses in some of the world’s remotest locations, according to their website. The company still maintains the same mission that it started with in 1995 to help others fulfill their mission.

When it comes to logistics and procurement, IAP Worldwide offers solutions that are right for any company. For example, they can bring a consolidated approach to the most complex procurement challenges.

IAP Worldwide Services offers supply chain operations and management that are unavailable through most normal sources. For example, they operate a 40 foot mobile intensive care bus that they can put on the ground in any location very quickly. IAP Worldwide also have the experienced manpower to relocate entire medical facilities. Furthermore, the government contracts with them to provide bus service on many bases around the globe. When local drivers are contracted, an expert in English is always hired to be the main driver making communication very easy.

The government trusts IAP Worldwide Services to transport some of their most important equipment on Google. They have received government contracts, according to their website, to help relocate equipment along the border separating the United States and Mexico.

While not all equipment, tools and supplies are needed all the time, IAP Worldwide Solutions can operate warehouses where this equipment can be stored. Then, when it is needed, they can safely transport it where it needs to go.

The company is very proud of their history of serving the government well in both times of conflict and peace. It is the only company to be consistently given large government logistic contracts for the last 20 years on jobs.net. In fact, IAP Worldwide Services was established in 1995 to deliver generators to Saudi Arabia. Today, that pride still permeates everything that the company does. If you have a logistics problem, then please contact these professionals today.

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