How Visual Search Technology Increases Sales

Mobile phones are great because you can search, take pictures, and buy products. What if you could take a picture of a product you want to buy, search for that product, and then conclude the sale all from your phone? That is what visual search technology allows you to do.

Visual Marketing and Sales

Smart phones have changed many aspects of our everyday lives and retailers have had to keep up. The ability to search with an image is making smart phones even more valuable to retailers. If you think about it, a picture tells you a lot more than just a text description.

Let’s look at an example. If you have a picture of shoes, you would see the style, color, type of material and the size of the heel. If you wanted those shoes or shoes that are similar, you might not know the name of the style or the type of heel. With visual search, you don’t need to know the details, you can search, find a store and buy, all from your phone.

This technology has added to the changes in marketing. At one time, marketers just had to build a good website. Then social media came along, and they had to get on board with that. Next came smart phones and they had to make sure their website was mobile-friendly. Now, with mobile visual search, they need to build a presence on the visual web.

Fast Growing Trend

Many retailers have adopted this technology and see it as a way to increase product placement. By searching with an image, consumers can find merchandise and related merchandise as well. With visual search technology, the time frame between seeing the product and buying it is shortened.

Slyce Inc is a leading company in visual search and recognition. Several major retailers are using their technology to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Slyce has also developed technology that will compare the characteristics of a product and show the user similar products.

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