How Nathaniel Ru made his Enterpreneurial Mark

Sweetgreen is a restaurant that deals with supplying and serving food such as salads which are nutritious to the body and the prices are affordable to its customers.

It has several stores in Northeast cities among many others. Sweetgreeen also has its own policy that whichever the store, it should live up to its own hence should not consider support from the other stores. Another main objective of the restaurant is to value the company and also assist the community in a way it can.

Nathaniel is the co- founder of the sweetgreen, he states that proper decisions should be implemented for a business to prosper. Some of the sweetgreen stores holds up yoga classes and also does cross promotions with gyms and several fitness clubs among many others.

The new stores that were built, each has its own architect and design that they know is best for the locals taste and preferences. Every employee is entitled a service when one decides to leave the restaurant job.

Sweetgreen was formed by three best friends who graduated from Georgetown University back in 2007. It was raised by a capital of $375000 which was raised by several investors including the students’ parents. The restaurant employs great and highly qualified professionals in the sector of food and nutrients so as to know the snowball effect. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Nathaniel found out that the proper financial gains from the restaurant came in from where people worked together for a long duration. He suggests that the efficient way to flourish in the market is through marketing your commodities well.

Sweetgreen has flourished over the years establishing over 30 outlets in the state. Through that creation, it has employed many people hence growing the economy as well as improving their standards of living.

Nathaniel Ru in conjunction with his parents launched the sweetlife festival. The festival includes the delicious food from sweetgreens, the farmers, employees and celebrities to entertain the crowd with music. This was a plan to bring community together and cherish their produce.

The festival takes place in Columbia each year and the attendants of the party rises up to 20000. Nathaniel in partnership with his friends came up with a creative idea of having a sweetgreen app.

The app allows its customers to purchase the product from the phone and the credit points are used to help the community with the donations in the society. Through this app, the restaurant minimized congestion in the outlets.

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