How ClassDojo Is Working To Enhance The Learning Environment

ClassDojo has come up with an innovative project that seeks to enhance the relationship between teachers and student’s parents. The company raised $21 million to fund the creation of their application that will offer a perfect communication platform within the school environment. The basic concept behind the development of the application is to work together with parents to enhance the learning experience and offer students a better environment from the information shared across the network.


Today, more than 85, 000 schools in the United States have adopted ClassDojo and 2 in 3 that have done so have vowed to continue using the system because it is bringing about understanding and harmony within the schools. The app has helped to create a positive culture in the schools and classrooms because now parents can directly get involved in the molding of their students without necessarily having to go through the tedious process of travelling to the schools.


Although Class Dojo has been facing competition from other firms, it is still the most preferred player in the industry simply because their application is designed for the most average of users. It is easy to maneuver and can be customized to work with specific schools.


 The program is also going to include transactional features that will make it possible for parents to purchase books and pay for school fees. It is basically a community that will connect teachers, parents and students in a manner that interests and benefits each party. Additionally, there is a section for content like discussion guides, videos and custom yearbooks which are all useful especially when kids are at home.


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a leading tech firm that has come up with a unique application that has helped to make the learning environment seamless and beneficial for all. The company has created the application to make it easy to connect teachers, parents and students, all through one platform. ClassDojo is simply harmonizing the learning process by ensuring everyone is involved in an interesting manner.


What is more appealing about ClassDojo and their application is the fact that parents can switch languages through the translate feature. Messages can be viewed in the language the parent prefers just with a simple click. The messaging offered is instant and secure, so there is absolutely no need to exchange numbers. ClassDojo is available to teachers free of charge as it helps to make the school a better place.

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