Handy Offers Creative Christmas Caroling

If you’re in the mood to hear your favorite Christmas carol at work, or even at home? If you’re in London, you’ll be happy to know that an Oxbridge College Choir will be caroling on demand throughout the city via the Handy app.

The St. Peter’s College Choir has partnered with Handy, an app that allows people to order services for their homes or offices. Usually, Handy users can request services like house cleaning, but the app can now be used to “order” Christmas carols. St. Peter’s College Choir is working with Handy to raise money for Crisis. Crisis is the foremost homeless charity in the United Kingdom.

December 18th was the day that choir members provided holiday carols to the people of London. All Handy users had to do was push a button and reserve a time for the 15-person group of singers to visit their office or home to perform several traditional Christmas songs.

Handy’s Country Manager for the UK, Pete Dowds, stated that few people have the chance to see or hear this top-notch choir during the holiday season. This breakthrough in technology allows people to get the Christmas carols that can make this time of year even more special, simply by pressing a button.

Each time a user books the choir to sing, a £20 donation is required. This is the same rate that users would be charged for ordering a cleaner from Handy for a two-hour period. All proceeds are given to Crisis.

The hashtag #carolsondemand can be used on Twitter to help people keep up with the choir and find out where the college students will be singing next.

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