Handy Is A Great Application; $50 Million Influx in Funding

Handy has been the recipient of more than fifty million US dollars in funding for helping grow the app, which has been supplied by large investing firms such as Highland Capital Management and Revolution Growth.

Handy was founded in New York at Harvard College by two roommates who did not know each other prior to moving in: Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy started talks back in 2011 and was founded in 2012.

Handy is extremely popular, with more than ten thousand workers on Handy’s listings. There is an average of ten jobs completed for every cleaner that works on Handy, although some of the cleaners are dormant and have not completed a job in a while.

This company has been so successful due in part to the close monitoring that workers for Handy have to do every day so they know that the listings are free of false advertisements or listings that are out of reason.

Handy is worth approximately five hundred million dollars, which is a great growth pattern considering that it was founded out of a dorm room by two college kids.

Approximately eighty percent of the listings on Handy are for home cleaners. Handy is more versatile than providing only home cleaning services, with plumbing, roofing, decorating, and handyman work being some of the variety of services that can be contracted through Handy.

Many of the workers on Handy are not working more than twenty hours per week, so this adds a dynamic for people with kids or those who do not earn enough income from their current job so they can make some side money. It is estimated that the average job costs about seventy dollars, which is very reasonable for a full-service cleaning program. There are businesses and independent contractors alike that work for Handy.

Anyone that wants to learn more about Handy could go to their website, www.Handy.com, or download the Handy application on any mobile app store for free. Handy only costs money when you book a cleaning appointment, so feel free to read up on Handy and download the app to decide if you can benefit from it.

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