Find Activewear On Fabletics By JustFab

Why I Tried JustFab And What I Found

It finally happened to me. I got so tired of going to shopping malls to buy clothing. It’s fun to browse the stores, but the prices are ridiculously high when you buy through traditional retailers. The traditional sellers on Facebook are able to raise prices to meet their quotas, so you are not paying for just the product, but you are paying for the middle man (A.K.A. the retailer) to sell you the product. I decided to look online for my clothing, and I found this wonderful site called JustFab that is handpicking clothing for women. I’m so excited to get my first order in the mail this week!

Until I started buying from JustFab I had never had a good experience with online shopping that is worth mentioning. However, my opinion of online shopping has changed after working with JustFab because their customer care team is on top of things. They have a Membership Services Team at that is attentive and cares about what members are going through, so if you have any questions about shipping, product information or anything else, their team is only a phone call away from answering all of your questions.

JustFab has completely changed the way I shop. They have a VIP membership program that comes with discounts on clothing and a special Personalized Boutique. I have never felt so excited for the first of every month until starting this program. On the first of every month, Fabletics gives you a new selection in your Personalized Boutique. I enjoy going through the items, and I like to show my friends what is in my Personalized Boutique to get their opinions on the items that I might purchase.

The looks that you receive from the fashion professionals at JustFab aren’t picked at random. The looks that you receive in your Personalized Boutique are actually picked for you based upon the answers that you submit to a survey. The survey is quick and fun. You get to pick which styles of clothing and shoes best fit your personality.

Fabletics is an activewear brand that JustFab released in 2013. This women’s activewear brand is co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. It offers some of the most stunning choices in women’s activewear that I have ever seen. The clothing on Fabletics is designed to fit you right and move with you when you are running or working out at the gym.

The selections on include tanks, tops, leggings, sports bras and all the other women’s activewear items that you could imagine. They have a wide selection that is updated daily, so you will always find the right activewear for you.

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