Feeding Time and Food Aggression

Sometimes dinner time for your pet dog can be trying. Often this is because owners neglect setting up an eating ritual. Failure to utilize a set feeding routine leads to food aggression in some cases, and this can be a major problem depending on the severity of this aggression. Some dogs simply posture and hover over their food, others may lunge, and still, in some extreme cases, food aggression in dogs can include biting.

Food aggression can be eliminated in several ways, so owners can be relieved that solutions do exist. However, stopping these issues when the aggression is less severe is ideal. This is not a time to show the dog who is boss unless the aggression is dominance related. In the pack as wild wolves, the dominant dog eats first, and everyone else eats according to their status in the pack afterwards. To reinforce the owner’s status as pack leaders, dogs should only be fed after humans eat or according to set rules when they are fed.

Additionally, they should be fed after their exercise. Exercising a dog after a meal can cause health problems. In the wild, heavy exercise would lead to a meal, so feeding them after exercise caters to their natural instincts also. It benefits food aggression dogs because much of the extra energy will be burned at this point, and the animal should be calmer. Place the dogs in stay while preparing their food. Do not let them out of stay until the food has been prepared and placed in the proper container. It is also important to feed them at the same time daily.

This prevents the anxiety of not knowing when a meal is coming preventing some issue related to food aggression. Dogs with advanced aggression must be handled according to the source of their food aggression, but many remedies are the same. Owners can start by re-establishing some of the rituals that place them as pack leaders. They can also associate the approach of humans while the dog is feeding with good things. Meat or other treats while the dog is eating will associate their owners approaching them while eating with a positive experience. Sometimes dogs are food aggressive because they are not getting the proper nutrition. In this case, it may be suitable to change dog food.

A complete nutritional food with a high level of vegetable and animal protein like Beneful will completely satiate your pet relieving some of the innate behaviors that lead to food aggression. Make the change incrementally, but not so slowly that the dogs gets familiarized with the mixture of foods. However, Beneful is such a comprehensive brand that rejection is not a problem, so transitioning your pet will be easy. If the dog is severely aggressive, and this aggression carries over into other areas, a professional will be necessary to combat the issues. However, it is important to remember to begin a ritual and adhere to it and to also feed nutritional food like Beneful.

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