Don Ressler Brings Something Unique To The Table

While Adam Goldenberg works on the logistics and technicalities of running a business, Don Ressler deals with the products. Don makes sure that there is something unique brought to the table that will get people to shop at JustFab. When people visit a store, online or offline, they are looking to find something that other stores are not offering. It has to be something more than just lower prices. Don Ressler has understood the importance of offering something unique that he has looked at the athletic clothing category. One thing Don and his wife noticed was that there was a huge gap when it came to athletic clothing. This has presented a huge opportunity for Ressler to come up with something that will make huge sales.

Don Ressler understands what something as simple as a change in wardrobe could do for a person no matter what he is doing. He has seen that most athletic wear stores or sections of clothing stores offer the same boring types of clothing. The selections are dull and uninspired. As a result, he and his wife have decided to come up with some very new and interesting designs that are meant to flatter the body type as well as improve athletic performance during a workout.

Don Ressler’s efforts have brought forth. This is one of the few stores that offer a style that is known as athleisure. The clothes that are offered in the stores go beyond the typical loose and boxy clothes that people have known. Fabletics offer clothing that actually looks fun. At the same time, it feels good and fits right. Women don’t have to worry about the clothing getting in the way of their workout.


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Fabletics was also made possible by Kate Hudson, who is a celebrity who knows how to dress stylishly. She is always showing people that she knows how to dress well. People always see her in clothes that flatter her physique, skin tone, and body type. As a result, she is always getting compliments, and feeling confident in her overall sense of style. Don Ressler is also someone others look to as an example for fashion and style.

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