Cotemar is an industry leader in Mexico’s burgeoning oil and gas industry

Cotemar, founded in 1979, is a 100 percent Mexican company, serving the oil and gas industry in several different capacities.

Based out of Ciudad del Carmen, Cotemar performs vital functions in the industry, with subdivisions of each function as critical to the operational success as the others prove to be. They specialize in Petroleum Services, Specialized Ships, Offshore Construction, Offshore Maintenance, and Maritime Services.

Helping to provide offshore maintenance, Cotemar features a number of vessels equipped with computers linked by satellite, a dynamic positioning system that ensures the vessel remains in its fixed, predetermined position.

While out to sea, Cotemar rehabilitates and maintains platforms and process centers in offshore facilities such as the semi-submersible platforms.

Among the diverse array of vessels utilized by Cotemar, specialized dynamic positioning vessels that are equipped with a saturation diving system allow for procedures of inspection and processing lines rehabilitation.

Specialized vessels also provide a number of other services, one of which is transportation of structures needed for oil exploitation, and abrasive bulk materials, barite, sand, mud and the like. Extremely conscious of safety, the company provides fire fighting and hydrocarbon spill services in vessels specific to this need, fully ready and capable for action should a mishap or accident occur.

Cotemar recognizes the importance of the production of hydrocarbons, and based on a formula of efficient processes, implements committed people and technology to maximize productivity while keeping risk at a minimum.

Among other functions Cotemar takes responsibility for, they offer offshore accommodation and catering, with services that include nourishment, cleaning of common areas (including gymnasiums, cinemas, basketball courts, and TV rooms), laundry services and bedding services. Specialized, inspected and monitored vessels make regular trips, transporting lightweight materials, personnel, and nourishment to all job locations.

With a considerable amount of emphasis placed on safety, sustainability, and environmental consciousness, Cotemar has received the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2008
International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
Industria Limpia
Empresa Socialmente Responsable (ESR) and other certifications


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