ClassDojo Makes Plans To Enhance Its App

One of the most talked about technology developments regarding school use over the past few years has been the app developed by ClassDojo. A tech startup company that developed an app to be used in school environments, ClassDojo has become a household name in the educational arena. The company has provided its app to thousands of schools across the country. Many teachers use the app to complete a variety of school related tasks.


The ClassDojo app works on a network platform at the schools. Teachers, parents, and students can use the app for various school related purposes. Teachers use the app to help with various aspects of school related tasks such as making test grades available, uploading homework, and sharing videos. Another feature of the app that has been used a lot by many teachers is the communication capability between parents and teachers. This communication allows teachers and parents to communicate whenever desired.


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The communication is sent over the app network platform. The communication can be sent by either a teacher or parent to the desired party. Once the communication is received by the party, the individual can respond to the communication whenever it is convenient.


This technology driven way of communication on the app between teachers and parents has been used as a replacement to the usual student conference communication between teacher and parent in many schools. The app communication saves times and work regarding the communication between teachers and parents.


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According to, ClassDojo has made the communication between teachers and parents much easier through the use of its app. In addition, ClassDojo is always looking to make enhancements to its app. The company recently received an additional 21 million dollars in funding concerning its app. The money will be used to make various enhancements to the app and network platform.

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