Class Dojo the App that is Revolutionizing the Education Sector

Class Dojo is an app that connects teachers to student’s parents and helps them to update the parents on the student academic progress and social behaviour in school. This has helped teachers to keep in touch throughout the school year making it easy for parents and educators to instil great values in kids. Before the app was developed, educators and parents only met once a semester, and this created a chance for students to develop bad habits without the parents’ knowledge.

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The founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, said that the company is using its capital to grow its team and to know the other features that can help parents not only in the days when children are in school but also during holidays. The app is intended to dispense more information to parents on how to bring up all rounded kids who can become law abiding and responsible citizens in future. The Class Dojo has also helped teachers too because they are now able to keep parents informed on everyday activities happening in school be it educational or co-curriculum. Educators are now able to take photos of every student class work and maintain the parent updated on the student progress.  Check this

According to, the app has been accepted in the market, and over 85000 schools across the US are using it. It has been able to compete very well with other companies that have existed in the market for a long time. The tech is being used in both public and private schools, and the company is looking forward to distributing the app to more teachers and parents. The app has opened eyes to investors as they can now see some of the tech opportunities in the education sector. In the near future, the app will include features that will make it easy for parents or guardians to pay school fees or field trips without having to leave the house.

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