CipherCloud On Why Cloud Is The Future

CipherCloud is and internet and cloud security company that ensures companies are safe and sound as they adopt cloud technology. But what is the cloud and how does it benefit the corporate world? Can anyone adopt and jump in on the cloud trend or is it a special tool meant only for high end names? Is it possible for companies to enhance their efficiency and increase their profits by adopting the cloud? The following points answer all these questions, and more –

Immediate Upgrades – Because the cloud is available to one and all, upgrades are rolled out in one, swooping motion and no one is left out. This means that employees can have the latest updates at the tips of their fingers as soon as possible. This affects the overall efficiency levels of the organization positively.

Reducing Costs But Enhancing Efficiency – For companies that have massive data centers, the internet footprint is always a problem. Plus, servers tend to harm the environment, cost a lot, and keep bringing the company down by increasing fixed costs. As such, companies like CipherCloud can ensure that all these problems are sorted out without harming the efficiency of the company.

Flexible Expenditure – With traditional systems, companies pay for their peak hours and thus, end up wasting money during idle time. With cloud services like CipherCloud, the plans can be tweaked up when the traffic is high and reduced when there is less traffic. As such, instead of wasting money and resources, the budget becomes flexible and benefits the company greatly.

Great Reliability – Traditional systems cannot be trusted but cloud services like CipherCloud are extremely trustworthy. The uptime is close to 99.99% and the customer service is quite helpful in solving any problems that companies and managers may encounter. What’s better is the fact that installation is also quite simple. The reliability of cloud services is unmatched.

Increased Mobility – Telecommuting has become quite popular in the world. Workers sometimes work from home and there are employees who are not even in the same country as their company’s head office. This was previously inefficient because the exchange of information used to be a problem. With cloud services, however, it has become quite simple to ensure safe and continuous exchange of information. It has increased mobility and, in turn, improved the profits of the company due to money saved on traveling.

The world is still relatively unaware of the benefits of this technology because there isn’t a lot of awareness about life on the cloud. It is assumed that this is a luxury only big companies can afford and as such, small scale companies that would benefit most from CipherCloud, are unaware of its pros.

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