Guide to Get Published on Wikipedia

Writing an article for Wikipedia isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are some rules and guidelines you should be aware of before you get started as Wikipedia writers for hire.

The first step is to create a wiki account. Once you’ve done that, you are officially a registered member of Wikipedia. Only certain topics are covered, the requirement is that topics be “worthy of notice”. Basically, if a topic would be published in a regular encyclopedia then Wikipedia will cover it. If you aren’t certain how notable your topic is, you can visit the Wikipedia Teahouse and ask. Wikipedia requests that you do not create pages about yourself, your company, your brand, your friends, advertisements, or personal essays. Once you have chosen a topic that meets the guidelines it’s important to search and make sure that it doesn’t already exist. Search any title that could be used and be very thorough.

Now it’s time to write. It’s important to include lots of resources, this shows where you researched your information should it ever be questioned and it also shows your article is authentic and you have researched facts that can back up any of your claims. Make sure that any sources you use from the internet are stable, meaning they are pages that will be around for very long lengths of time, not just a passing fad website that might not be around in a week.

If all this seems like a lot more work than you were prepared for, there are other methods. Websites, like Get Your Wiki, exist to aid people in the creation process and they often guarantee your article will get published on Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki creates business and personal articles that are very similar to what Wikipedia themselves produce. They guarantee that they will use the proper format, Wikipedia’s manual of style, and will include reliable references. They offer a full refund if your page is removed from Wikipedia.

Get Your Wiki also offer two additional services, Wikipedia Monitoring and Translations. They have professional translators on staff that can translate your page into any other language, and they guarantee it will fit all the required guidelines for each different community. The monitoring service checks to make sure that any edits that happen to your page will be completely accurate. They will remove any malicious edits to prevent damage to your personal or business reputation.