David Osio – The Advisor for High-End Real Estate Transactions

David Osio expands his real estate business through the founding of the Davos real estate group, a company that integrates wealth management leaders and a handpicked network of talented agents. The enterprise leads to the combination of high-end real estate and asset management. David Osio drives his team of experienced agents and his world-wide connections to create successful business transactions.

Osio’s reasoning for the founding of the Davos group is simple; to crete an integrated prime commercial and residential listing for clients across the world. The idea is to have a whole spectrum of realty options available throughout important dynamic urban hubs, thus giving investors good potention for high returns on their investments.

Davos is an independent real estate company that expands on the culture of meeting a client’s needs. As David Osio suggests, “We offer high-end real estate investment advice and transaction support for our clients. There was a need in the investment industry to find a trusted resource to help navigate through the real estate buying process of different areas.”

It is the Davos team’s experience and knowledge that separates the company from others. The team understands every aspect of the investment process and helps clients navigate through it. However, the process doesn’t end here says Osio. We also do extensive consumer research and bring investment insight into the viability of a purchase or sale. The Davos company is a go-to source for education and investment potential.

The Davos Real Estate Group offers a distinct balance in marketing and buying of fine properties, and this ensure that the clients needs are met.

The History
The Davos Group built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, was the idea of David Osio, who has been the financial advisor of many successful clients. He has guided both his clients and his financial advisory group to outstanding financial growth.

Osio has facilitated the expansion of the company into international markets which has led to the opening of office locations in cities like Lisbon, New York, Miami, Panama, Geneva, and other areas. He has created an all-encompassing company that offers a specialized service with a personal touch. And in doing so, he and the Davos Real Estate Group have become an effective marketing company of fine real estate, working with everything from development, to mortgage to high-end rentals.

The Davos Real Estate Group is the financial investment company people turn to when they want high-end property that produces a higher return on investment.

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Many Flights to Venezuela Suspended Due to Currency Issues and Poor Economy

The second Airline is suspending its flights to Venezuela, according to Reuter’s News. The flight suspensions came the day after Germany said it would suspend services to Venezuela. The German company has made it public that Venezuela owes them millions of dollars in ticket revenues.

Venezuela is suffering from a struggling economy, which David Osio explained has resulted in lower oil prices and a shortage of basic goods.

Currency conversion is a another major issue that is playing a role in the flight suspensions. Venezuela’s currency makes it very hard to convert earnings into other currencies.

El Nacional reported that Latam Airlines was suspending operations to Caracas Airport temporarily. There is no specified time frame of when the flights will resume. Sao Paula to Caracas would be affected first; by late July, flights from Caracas from Lima and Santiago would also be affected.

Flight restrictions were tightened two years ago. Consequently, several airlines had to cut down on their operations in the country because they struggled to send back billions of dollars of revenue that was held in the Bolivar currency (the official currency of Venezuela). Some airlines now even require passengers to pay their own fares with dollars.