Classdojo Enabling Parents Participation at School Activity.

Recently ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in Series B funds for a tech that will enable educators’ student, teachers and parents connect. The tech will also allow parents to easily monitor their children school activities as well as their social and behavioral development.

In the past, parents got involved with school once in a whole semester during the parents-teachers’ meetings. ClassDojo, however, will enable parents to interact with the teachers and students on a daily basis. Consequently, parents will be able to monitor their children activities at school.

The co-founders of the company Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don said that the firm raised all the funds late in 2015. The capital will be used in growing ClassDojo team and also help figure out what features can be added to the app to make it useful to parents.

Chaudhary says that the whole concept aims to guide parents’ conversations while at home such that they will be able to influence learning and development of their children while at school.

Teachers use ClassDojo in scheduling activities of students each day. Teachers can also use the app to take pictures and videos of the students’ activities while they are at school and send it to the parents. This enables parents to see their children activities and latest work while at school

Many education techs company create digital content, but ClassDojo is different as it connects the parents and students and allows participation instead of just providing curriculum content.

Today ClassDojo is used in many schools in the United States ranging from private school, large public schools and charter schools.

ClassDojo presently plans to distribute its app to more teachers and parents. In future, the company plans to create premium services to sell to parents.

ClassDojo is a tool that helps manage the behavior of students in a classroom. ClassDojo helps create a profile of each student; teachers can then assign students points. The points can either positive or negative and each time the points are awarded the app makes a particular sound indicate a student has been awarded points. The program is operated on computers or a tablet.

All the information that is feed in the app is recorded on each student’s profile for review in the future. The parent can also log in to see their children progress from home.

Susan McGalla: Empowerment For Women

Women over the last century have made many strides in all areas of life. From business to entertainment, the female voice is gaining traction, with no plans on slowing down. Susan McGalla is one of those female voices, that seeks to equal the playing field for women. Susan MccGalla received her bachelors degree in business from Mount Union College. Susan began as a manager at many retail stores, during the early nineties. As time progressed she found herself within the financial investment industry. She eventually became a private consultant for a retail and investment business. In 2012, she founded the P3 executive Consulting.


As the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, Susan helps clients with a number of business oriented details. These details include: talent management, branding, marketing ideas as well as techniques to be more efficient. As a woman in charge, Mrs. McGalla has spoken at many conferences seeking to empower young women on the job. Some of the conferences she has spoken at include the prestigious Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan usually recalls her childhood experiences as a the initial training that she needed to find success in business. As a child she was the only female sibling among her two brothers. This forced her to find her voice very early on in life.


Recently Susan McGalla sat down with the Philly Purge to discuss, women’s impact on professionalism in business. She retold her story of starting off as a manager at the retail store American Eagle. This initial opportunity taught her the importance of business at a fundamental level. This eventually translated into her professional career as a executive. Within the interview she also spoke about the problems that women face on a daily basis within the workplace. Some of these problems include lack of platforms for women to advance. Susan McGalla hopes that her voice as well as others, will serve as a potential solution for women seeking advancement in the workplace.

NuoDB, Innovative Databases

NuoDb is an elastic SQL database that expands on IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s twelve rules of relational databases. The system is capable of handling over 1 million transaction per second and has the ability to run anywhere. The tiered approach of the database technology allows for predictable and scalable data in the cloud. The technology is often also referred to as “NewSQL”. NuoDB allows added servers to scale out on cloud based platforms without any sharding. No errors are likely to occur and the servers run more efficiently. The database is allowed to appropriate information to the correct nodes via peer to peer communication.

NimbusDB was the oringal name of NuoDB , but was later changed in efforts to re-market. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB cloud database provides it’s patented technology to many notable companies such as Kodak, Dassualt Systemes, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. In 2012 the firm acquired twelve million dollars in venture funding and later went on to reach over sixty million dollars in total funding in year 2016. Just at notably, NuoDB was awarded as one of Boston’s Business Journals innovative all stars in 2014.

NuoDB, Database Management Comes to the Cloud

NuoDB is a cloud-based database management system (DBMS) oriented for SQL. Because it retains traditional SQL database features while being upgraded for cloud use, NuoDB may be categorized as a NewSQL database system. However, what makes NuoDB cloud database remarkable is its three-tier structure. With administrative, transactional and storage tiers, the system works without close coupling an application on a disk drive. This layered approach makes database management smoother and clears obstructions typically caused by certain cloud applications.

NuoDB was conceived in 2008, and launched in 2010 by two industry leading innovators: renowned database architect Jim Starkey and enterprise software executive Barry Morris. Their vision was to develop a smarter, more powerful database with enough elasticity to adapt to the emerging requirements of today’s business-critical cloud applications. They accomplished this and more, and today NuoDB is backed by a senior management team that includes executives from the biggest names in technology including Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Oracle, BroadVision and Object Design, according to

Why ClassDojo Is Changing The Way Parents, Students, And Teachers Interact

There is one app that is changing the way parents, students, and teachers interact. The world of “parent and teacher” is always a confusing one because teachers don’t know how to lay it all on the table unless teachers bring teachers in weekly, which we all know is not possible. ClassDojo is finding a way to empower students and parents by staying connected even in a classroom setting with their latest new app. The app is now being used across the United States in more than 85,000 schools at the moment. ClassDojo is an app teachers use as well as parents, and the teachers can send videos, pictures, and even messages to parents via the app to keep parents in the know.

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The app also gives teachers that main chance just to give parents a heads up on what their kids are doing in class. Are they doing well? Do they need extra help on a subject and the parents need to be involved? ClassDojo has solved one of the biggest issues in education right now, and it’s an ever evolving technology that will better enhance the learning experiences for students in future generations. ClassDojo is currently in need of more development and new team members to help craft better features and find more growth to further enhance its design.  Source:


Receiving a massive $21 million in funding, the app’s creators will be able to find more people to handle support requests and find tune the development of the future of the ClassDojo app.


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Jeffry Schneider: Raising the trend of alternative investments at Ascendant Capital LLC

It takes a person with a sound sense of discipline, hard work and dedication to make any organization great. Jeffry Schneider is one such personality, heading the boutique alternative investment firm in Austin, Texas, called Ascendant Capital LLC. Ascendant specializes in providing unique investment strategies and plans for its different investor crowd that fits every need of its clients. Moreover, its global outreach and focus on private equity are financially beneficial. Ascendant does not compromise on meeting every requirement of the market. To fulfill these needs, the company has joined hands with exceptional fund managers to create differentiated plans.


Ascendant Capital strives to be a trustworthy source for alternative investment strategies. Their aim is to redefine the way investors view alternative strategies. So, how does Ascendant Capital achieve its goal to stand out and become the number one choice for investment strategy? Through it’s expert process with which the company builds strategies that are fit for the market needs. The company’s focus on client relations and dedicated teams assigned to sales and marketing support sets them apart from their competition. They have the clear vision to create relationships with customers, employees and the market, which is beneficial and rewarding for everyone.

Every organization that excels in its market like Ascendant Capital LLC is led by an ideal person and a dedicated team, where both drive the human resources and skills to help the organization be great at what it does. Jeffry Schneider has changed the fate of Ascendant Capital over the last five years and has raised a capital of over $1 billion dollars. Mr. Schneider’s vision to make their top investors Ascendant’s priority and making alternative investments grow rapidly in the market again is what makes Ascendant Capital successful. Before making this organization great, Jeffry Schneider was offering his expertise at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Moreover, he has received his education from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Jeffry Schneider has instilled the values of transparency, teamwork, voicing opinions and new ideas and listening to them, along with creating a sense of trust between employees. He has 24 years of experience in financial services, the huge web of private and public pension fund, globally spread financial firms and industry work, which makes him a valuable asset to Ascendant Capital. Other than running a successful business, Jeffry Schneider has interests in traveling, charity, taking part in marathons and believes in living a healthy life. Schneider realizes that all able men must help those who need a helping hand. That is why he is involved in some charitable organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.


Wanna Be Cool? Go With Goettl.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a trusted heating and air conditioning company with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. Excellent customer service and customer satisfaction are top priorities at Goettl Air Conditioning, as they off 24/7 response and a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.


Goettl Air Conditioning can take care of any issues pertaining to indoor air quality, energy efficiency, or commercial HVAC in addition to all of your heating and air needs. Arizona Foothills recently published Best of Our Valley 2017 contest winners, and Goettl Air Conditioning won best HVAC company. The Goettl name has been of excellence in the HVAC industry, since the company was established in 1939.


With temperatures often hovering above 90 degrees in the desert, being without an air conditioner is not an option. Goettl Air conditioning can help in choosing an air conditioner, repairing or maintaining an AC, or air conditioner replacement.

During the fall and winter, heating your home becomes imperative, despite the high temperatures throughout the rest of the year. From heating installation to replacement, repair and maintenance, Goettl technicians are there to take care of the job.


You can connect with Goettl Air Conditioning on Facebook or Twitter, and also be sure to check out heating and cooling tips on their YouTube channel. For more information or to speak with a customer service representative don’t hesitate to give Goettl Air Conditioning a call at one of their three locations.


In Las Vegas, call 702-625-8313

Phoenix 602-761-7930

Tucson 520-342-0630


Goettl Air Conditioning is available 24/7 to address any heating and air needs you may have. Don’t hesitate, contact their friendly staff today and get started!

Keith Mann: He Believes Education Is The Bedrock Of The Future

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is someone that is really, really big on education. As someone that is out there, Mann knows that people need a proper education. He knows that it really opens a ton of doors for them and really makes them feel good. When someone works hard at something and they see it come to life and they see themselves having success with it, it is a reminder to them of all of the good things that happen with education. Sometimes people need that friendly reminder when they are thinking about going to college. It is worth it and it does pay off.


The last thing that Keith Mann wants is for these kids to get discouraged or give up hope. He wants them to believe that things can and will change for them. A lot of that is just believing in themselves and believing in the power of that degree. With that degree, it shows future employers what they are capable of and how dedicated they are to their education. It is not something they take lightly and it is not something they overlook or ignore. It is something that is vital to them and they are going to put in the hours, do their homework, and have success.


Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners recently held a fundraiser which raised over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon School Districts. That is a lot of money that is going to do a lot of good for these young adults and kids. It will just give the chance to, as Keith Man often says, have a level playing field. When money is not an issue and someone can go to a four-year college, there is no telling what they are capable of and what is possible for them in life. As they often say, the sky is the limit and they can achieve anything they wish to achieve without anything in their way or stopping them. They don’t need to be worried about money or how they are going to pay for it. They just need to focus on their studies.

Jason Hope Supports Google’s Medical Evolution

jason-hope2_1408214Jason Hope and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are looking to revolutionize medical technology. Hope has been donating since 2010, making his initial $500,000 commitment towards anti-aging cures.

Today, Google has a hat in the ring seeking cures for the world’s worst diseases, and they rely upon philanthropist like Jason Hope to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Searching For Solutions

There are no signs, no markings, not even a door number. Just a nondescript concrete building, and behind a pair of opaque glass fronts in Silicon Valley lies Google Life Sciences. This division seeks new approaches to health care evolution that catapults medicine into a new technological arena.

Tailor-made implants via 3D printing

Growth in medical technology has grown exponentially over the last decade, allowing scientists to find solutions, even cures to a wide array of diseases, and visionary philanthropist like Jason Hope help with these endeavors.

Technology Solving Vexing Problems

Medical research is just one of several new areas that Google is trying to conquer with great commitment. The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are convinced that almost all areas of life can be revolutionized by technology.

What Does 3D Printing Mean To Medicine?

3D printing can mean customized medical devices. In China, doctors reconstructed the deformed face and the skull of a young girl, using a model from a 3D printer. Before the operation, doctors rehearsed the procedure using the 3D face and skull models. Physicians look at the organ, then carefully scan it to create a replica to work on.

Cardiologist Professor Dr. Christian Butter has had a model made from the heart to better understand what awaits him before the operation. The 3D printer can make an exact replication from the heart of a patient, and this can greatly help in difficult cases, saving time and less stress on the operating table.

Taking cutting edge ideas to the laboratory requires generous donations, and Jason Hope is passionate about this medical frontier and has been a generous benefactor for bridging technology and medicine.

Interesting in studying medicine and technology? Learn more about Jason Hope’s grant program for students.


Equities First Banks On Stock-Based Lending Despite Change In Tact Among Lenders

Recent developments among lending institutions have led to changes in lending laws and many companies are losing customers. One of the companies that have reaped big following these developments is Equities First Holdings, LLC, which has seen an explosion in the number of borrowers who attach stocks as collateral when borrowing.


In a situation where banks have adopted tight lending regulations, borrowers are left with few options. Lenders who are looking to raise quick capital are left with narrow options and one of the best avenues they could use to raise money is to opt for equities lending.


Increased interest rates and tightened qualifications for borrowing are said to be some of the issues that have motivated borrowers to go for alternatives like stock-based lending. One of the benefits borrowers enjoy when they choose stock-based lending is that they are offered a higher loan-to-value ratio.


Additionally, the interest rate attached to the loans is fixed, which is contrary to what conventional loans offer. This implies no changes in the economic conditions will affect the interest rates as would be the case with conventional lending. Another feature that makes stock-based loans ideal is the fact the borrower can use the non-recourse feature that ensures one can walk away from the loan any time.


The borrower basically enjoys lower investment risk since amidst fluctuations in the market, the interest rate is fixed and there are no changes to the agreement signed at the time of getting the loan. Equities First Holdings has as a result experienced an increase in the number of borrowers who go for the stock-based option.


About Equities First Holdings

Incepted in 2002, Equities First Holdings has remained the most reliable lender in the country and the achievements the company has made are as a result of offering alternative lending options to customers. The financing solutions offered by Equities First Holdings stretch from offering capital against publicly traded stocks.


The company operates globally and they have offices in several countries including London, Australian and Singapore. Equities First Holdings has grown into one of the most reliable companies in this space and their customer base has grown in the past few years.


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