The Top Four British Wine Vintners in the UK

Initially, purveyors of fine wines in the United Kingdom can find it difficult to acquire high quality and illustrious vino, but with a little research the UK has many fine vintners specializing in a variety of different wines. Literally full of a plethora of vintners and merchants, the UK is home to a host of varying specialists in different regions, tastes, and types of wine, ready to provide you with just the essence you crave. Below we’ll take a look at four of the top vintners in the United Kingdom.

Prohibition Wines

Providing ‘unspeakably good wines, beers, and local sprits’, Prohibition Wines, located in Muswell Hill, is an independent Vintner opened in February of 2013 dedicated to providing the upmost to their customers. Offering wine delivery within the UK, Prohibition Wines pride themselves on stocking the most exclusive wines. Offering free Friday night tastings, Prohibition Wines ( is a vintner committed to an excellent customer experience.

A&B Vintners

Commonly recognized as one of the UK’s foremost specialty wine merchants, A&B Vintners ( focus on the exceptional wines of Oregon, Piedmont, Rhone, Burgundy, and Southern France. With their unique portfolio of products, A&B Vintners are committed to providing the finest in select and unheralded wines from around the UK. Spending a large amount of time selecting the wines they provide, it’s no wonder A&B are the exclusive and prestigious Vintner in the UK.

Viader Vintners

One of the leading Vintners in the UK, Viader Wines is an independent, family owned vintner in Cardiff. Established in 2001 by restaurateur Gilbert Viader, Viader Vintners have become well known for their high quality wine and personal service to their customers. With wines from over fifteen different regions worldwide, including Alsace, Wales, and South America, Viader vintners are committed to providing their customers with a plethora of high quality wines.


Specializing in acquiring and sale of the most high quality and illustrious wines and champagnes in the world, UKV PLC ( are known for having the most impressive wines the UK has to offer. Hiring their own wine experts to meet with customers in order to curate their own selected wine, UKV is a vintner dedicated to customer satisfaction. UKV PLC vintners offer different delivery and storage options making it convenient to receive and enjoy your wine any way you prefer.

Though the UK is full of varying vintners and merchants, these four vintners have went out of their way to provide their customers with the most high quality and sought after wines available. Whether you’re searching for a wine with a certain flavor or from a certain region, these shops and vintners can help you lay your hands on just what you’re looking for. Never let it be said again that the United Kingdom doesn’t have a robust and high quality offering of vintners and their wines.

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