Is Eric Pulier In Constant Pursuit Of Perfection

Perfection is something that few people will ever experience. To be honest, perfection has never been achieved by any person other than that special holy guy. To steer things back from a religious standpoint, perfection is really what a person makes of it. No matter the industry, sport or field of work, perfection can’t be achieved because nobody’s perfect. This concept can be confusing, but it’s the truth. On the other hand, greatness can be achieved, and it has been experienced by numerous individuals. Who’s better to demonstrate this other than Technologist Eric Pulier? Though he’s far from perfect, he’s definitely on the right path to become great and that speaks volumes.


Eric Pulier is a technologist through and through. He has come up with, have developed, and he has created solutions across a wide playing field. How and why? Pulier fights his battles with intellect, and this intellect is being used to the highest degree. In 1997, Pulier developed and built the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform. This was a technological platform that was displayed at former President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration in Washington D.C. The multiday event was attended by thousands of people, and it was broadcasted across many prominent news networks. It progressively displayed how advanced technology would be used in the future. Pulier is a forward-thinking businessman. The guy has many innovations on hand, but he has a good grasp on predicting what the future market will demand. Of course, sometimes he has made not so good predictions and then there are times where he made the best possible predictions according to In the world of business, you have to take chances and nobody has done this more than Pulier.

As of today, the proud father of four continues his daily brainstorming. An epiphany can happen when least expected and this is the route that Eric Pulier has been taking since day one as businessman.

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John Goullet’s-Business Leader

Currently serving as the Principal of Diversant, John Goullet has been making a name for himself in the business world for quite some time. John Goullet founded his company Info Technologies back in the early 1990’s and he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Goullet’s resume is full of amazing accomplishments that make him very respected among people in the business world. He has proven himself to be a leader who knows how to get the job done.

John Goullet began his career as a computer consultant. He later began working with company staffing. He helped a number of companies and then decided to start his own IT staffing company in 1994. Goullet focused his energy on understanding the staffing needs of his clients. He had a very unique approach of attempting to match the personality of his clients with their work style. This client-centered approach helped to lead his company to great success.

Goullet’s philosophy has allowed him to build great success with his companies. As Chairman of Diversant, he has built Info Technologies into an award winning company. On multiple occasions Info Technologies has been recognized by Inc.’s magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Over the years it has been Goullet’s unique approach that has helped him to build his business. Goullet has what he calls a production paranoia. This constant push to get the most production out of what he does, is what he believes makes him more productive as an entrepreneur.

John Goullet has had a tremendous impact on the business world. Besides the mentioned positions, he has also served as at Computer Sciences Corp., the Constell Group, and Tsr Consultants. This Ursinus College graduate has taken the world by storm and continues to impact the business world. With such dedication, he should be around for many years to come. for more.

ClassDojo Implements New Plans to Revolutionize Parent Teacher Conference System

ClassDojo, an application development company that has contributed largely to the elementary academic process through the development of the ClassDojo teacher-parent application, has recently become the topic of technology publications because of the company’s influence on the public school system. ClassDojo recently implemented new software in their popular application that has been developed in an effort to revolutionize the parent-teacher conference system that has traditionally been held in schools. Because of the new developments in the ClassDojo database, parents now have the ability to access their children’s progress at any time of the day. The fact that parents are no longer limited to quarterly student updates is a great accomplishment for ClassDojo. According to the ClassDojo application developer, the team at ClassDojo desired to change the way in which parent-teacher conferences operated in an effort to help personalize student development techniques, create swift access to student progress report, and open the lines of communication between teachers and parents.

Personalization of Student Development Techniques

ClassDojo developers decided to create technology that would positively affect learning techniques. By creating a program that allows parents to interact on a more consistent basis with classroom teachers, ClassDojo leaders hope to influence teachers to create a personalized learning approach for each individualized protocols for individual students. By implementing personalized learning plans, teachers can effectively educate students on a broader level while improving test scores and parental satisfaction.

Creation of Swift Access to Student Progress Reports

The developers of the ClassDojo application believe that the implementation of new parent-student developments will allow parents to maintain knowledgeability regarding student progress. Parents who are consistently engaged in a students progress are more likely to become more engaged with the child in matters of daily life. Because of the positive effects of increasing parental engagement through the ClassDojo application, developers believe that the app will improve student progress by more than 40 percent.

Opening the Lines of Communication Between Teachers and Parents

ClassDojo developers also believe that the lines of communication between teachers and parents should always be open and clear. Because the application was developed by former public school educators, special attention is always given to the needs of teachers, parents, and students in the public school system. The leaders of ClassDojo have stated that the company will always seek to improve the classroom environment through means of active engagement.

Bob Reina Made Talk Fusion To Help Businesses Like Ours


Bob Reina created Talk Fusion to be a video calling platform that people will use to run their businesses, and that is what we have done. We are trying to keep all our staff connected using the best technology in the world, and we went with Talk Fusion because it works for us. I believe that Bob Reina created this software for people just like me, and I use it every day.


Talk Fusion has video email and video chatting that we use every day, and I know that Bob Reina created something that is very easy to use. We made sure that we taught all the people in the office how to use Talk Fusion, and there are very simple methods for talking that Bob Reina put into the program. We can all read video emails that were created by our colleagues, or we can all go on a video chat if that is what we need to do. This means that we can share our ideas without typing them out, and it also means that our company can create more ideas faster because we have taken out the typing aspect.


I believe that the video calls we do on Talk Fusion are very helpful because we have to operate our business as usual every day. We cannot take breaks, and we cannot waste our time. Bob Reina understands that, and he wants to be sure that all his customers are sure that they can talk easily. The videos that we create are saved by the Talk Fusion software, and then we can go back and watch them if we have to. Bob Reina created something that he would want to use with his own business, and I am very happy that he took the time to make our business better.



Talk Fusion: Passionate About Helping Others


Building a successful business can be tough. It is up to you to spread the word that your business exists in the first place. In order to spread your message, you have to work hard to market your business and what you have to offer. Otherwise, your business will not get noticed. However, you don’t have to fear as there are companies out there that can help you effectively market your business.

Talk Fusion is one of those companies. They are a top ten rated company when it comes to video marketing companies. The company’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, developed these products so everyone can understand exactly how they work and how they can help your business. For example, say you have started up an animal adoption center. If you want these animals to be adopted while also providing the best care while they’re staying at your location, you can use one of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products to help get the word out. You can choose between Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meetings, and Video Chat. You would simply need to record a video and upload it to the Talk Fusion portal. From there, you can insert the video into an email and send it to others.

Bob Reina strives to help others out and hopes his products reflect that. He wants to help out as many people as possible whether it is family and friends, communities, or even animal charities. He has donated a lot over the years helping people from all walks of life. He has donated to an Indonesian orphanage and helped out those who suffered from the tsunami in Japan. Bob has even donated to help millions of animals receive the life-saving operations they need. He donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, the same place where he adopted his dog.

Bob also created a program where Talk Fusion Associates can donate one free charity account to the charity of their choice. That charity will have access to everything Talk Fusion has to offer to help grow their business to something they have always dreamed about.

Shaygan Kheradpir Finally Appointed as Coriant’s CEO and Chairman of the Board


The success of a company is determined by various variables such as the devotion of the employees, the business model, and market reception. With all these factors in place, there is a need for a capable and competent leader to steer the entire entity towards achieving its objectives. The scarcity of experienced, competent and performing leaders makes individuals like Shaygan Kheradpir be in high demand by companies looking for reliable executives. Consequently, Coriant opted for Kheradpir to take the positions of both Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman of the Board in September last year.

Fiercetelecom released a press report citing that the able Shaygan had moved to Coriant. This was credited to a previous relationship developed between Shaygan and the top management of the Marlin Equity Partners, which is the owner of Coriant. Previously, Shaygan worked closely with the senior management team as an Operating Partner.

Why Shaygan Kheradpir

With the availability of other successful individuals in the market capable of steering the operations of Coriant, the company settled for Shaygan as its best option. Apart from his cultivated relationship with the management of Marlins Equity Partners, Shaygan has an outstanding record of executive positions in numerous global entities such as Verizon, GTE, and Barclays.

In his previous position, Shaygan has managed to leave a legacy behind him for leading positive transformations in various entities. For instance, in Barclays, while working as the CIO, he assisted in developing the Pingit mobile payment system or software. On top of his experience is a strong academic background in the Electrical Engineering field. He is a proud holder of a doctorate, masters and bachelor degree from Cornell University.

Shaygan is an individual who firmly believes in Coriant’s ability to provide cost-disruptive networking services to its clients. He is also lured by the company’s portfolio of packet optical and data networking solutions.

About Coriant

Coriant has made a reputation for itself is one of the largest providers of networking solutions around the globe. Consequently, the company is a proud provider or supplier of networking services to numerous network operators based in over a hundred nations worldwide. Among the network operators served by Coriant include, utility companies, financial institutions, government agencies, cable MSOs, content providers, fixed and mobile line service providers and large enterprises.

The Marlin Equity Partners, which is the entity credited for establishing Coriant to its current status, founded the company in 2013.This was done by integrating various systems or networks such as Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) optical unit, Sycamore Networks as well as Tellabs.



FreedomPop Expands Services and Influence

Traditional mobile phone companies are being challenged again by the new startup FreedomPop that is adding even more services to their offers. This unique company has continued to spread their low cost and free services across the globe and has recently raised as much as $50 million to increase their services. FreedomPop is offering “free hotpot” services and more data access to mobile users across Europe including $10 SIM coverage of the continent.

There have been rumors that a new investor has joined the company and is potentially adding new and more powerful services to FreedomPop. Co-founder and CEO Stephen Stokois announced a new private-equity group that is they are keeping anonymous for the time being. This could be a major carrier that will help contribute to the value of the service. FreedomPop has raised a total of $109 million to provide their service to more people all over the globe. The company is becoming a major player in the mobile carrier market and continually is building better and better relationships with a number of national carriers which allows them to target new demographics. They are attracting more and more “free” clients overall.

FreedomPop is a provider of Mobile phone and data services at a very low cost to no cost at all. They are able to do this by negotiating great levels of coverage from mainstream carriers like Sprint and their customers only pay for the services they use, rather than paying for excess services they may or may not use. It is a system that is based on common sense and its time is coming. They are continually adding more and more coverage and services to their product line and it seems their growth potential is unlimited. They provide text, voice, data and of course sell mobile phones for clients to purchase. These phones are far below market value and are top of the line. All customers can choose between Android and Apple devices, whichever they are more comfortable with.

The growing reach of FreedomPop, means positive things for consumers because anytime the competition for a service raises the prices for that service decrease. The most concerned at this trend are the established mobile providers who are going to have to significantly change their business practices as FreedomPop gains for of a consumer base. One thing is for certain, the products offered are growing and so is the global appeal. This is a company that is going to grow exponentially in the next five years.

Handy Is A Great Application; $50 Million Influx in Funding

Handy has been the recipient of more than fifty million US dollars in funding for helping grow the app, which has been supplied by large investing firms such as Highland Capital Management and Revolution Growth.

Handy was founded in New York at Harvard College by two roommates who did not know each other prior to moving in: Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy started talks back in 2011 and was founded in 2012.

Handy is extremely popular, with more than ten thousand workers on Handy’s listings. There is an average of ten jobs completed for every cleaner that works on Handy, although some of the cleaners are dormant and have not completed a job in a while.

This company has been so successful due in part to the close monitoring that workers for Handy have to do every day so they know that the listings are free of false advertisements or listings that are out of reason.

Handy is worth approximately five hundred million dollars, which is a great growth pattern considering that it was founded out of a dorm room by two college kids.

Approximately eighty percent of the listings on Handy are for home cleaners. Handy is more versatile than providing only home cleaning services, with plumbing, roofing, decorating, and handyman work being some of the variety of services that can be contracted through Handy.

Many of the workers on Handy are not working more than twenty hours per week, so this adds a dynamic for people with kids or those who do not earn enough income from their current job so they can make some side money. It is estimated that the average job costs about seventy dollars, which is very reasonable for a full-service cleaning program. There are businesses and independent contractors alike that work for Handy.

Anyone that wants to learn more about Handy could go to their website,, or download the Handy application on any mobile app store for free. Handy only costs money when you book a cleaning appointment, so feel free to read up on Handy and download the app to decide if you can benefit from it.

What the Ashley Madison Scandal Can Teach Us About Online Reputation Management

In the wake of the fallout from the Ashley Madison hack online reputation management service Status Labs is offering free advice and counseling to victims of could be one of the biggest hacking scandals of all time.

Personal identification details including: email addresses, locations and even credit card numbers were leaked, exposing millions of people to scrutiny. Status Labs has received numerous calls from concerned individuals including: lawyers, accountants, government employees and even small business owners who are concerned about the damage to their reputation this data breach may cause. Status Labs believes regardless of the person’s intentions when they joined Ashley Madison a single mistake should not ruin someone’s life.

Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, has stated “spectators should not include about this hack” believing it’s just a matter of time for we are all victims of some sort of hack. He believes if large corporations such as: Target, Home Depot, Sony and even the US government were vulnerable, then eventually you will be affected by hack as well.

Mr. Fisher has provided some guidance about how to protect your online privacy and prevent exposing yourself to these type of acts. First, he recommends protecting your address and keeping it private, this includes regularly removing your information from data brokers such as PeopleSmart. Next, Mr. Fisher recommends that most people keep their social media posts private. He believes that only public figures or someone with a business need should be making public posts on social media sites and all posts should be considered carefully before posting.

In addition to keeping your address and social media posts private Mr. Fisher recommends changing your passwords at least four times a year using a different password for each social media account. He advises simply write them down on a piece of paper and storing them in a desk drawer instead of using the online password manager that could itself be hacked.

Mr. Fisher also recommends Googling your name from time to time to see what people find when they search your name, this he says should be done after clearing your browser history and while logged out of the browser. Are you unhappy with what he found? What can you do about it? First, Mr. Fisher says purchase your own domain name you create a website or at least post your resume there as a placeholder.

The Ashley Madison data breach as open the eyes of many people just need to take online privacy seriously. By following Darius Fisher’s advice we can all rest a little easier knowing we are not likely to find our private information posted online for the world to see.