Nobilis Health Offers Patients More Options With Their New Surgical Centers and Hospitals

We want a choice in our health care! Nobilis Healthcare Corporation has provided just that. Nobilis Healthcare operates ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals in areas all across the United States. They maintain a proven track record with continuous growth. In September of 2014, the company acquisitioned the First Nobilis Hospital for $7.5 million according to Google Finance in cash. In Scottsdale, Arizona, Nobilis acquired a 60% investment and management control of former Freedom Pain Hospital, for about $3.2 million dollars. With physician partners according to stockhouse, Nobilis Health Corp. continues to develop and operate proficient outpatient surgery centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Nobilis and physician partners can offer excellent networks of highly trained surgeons in a range of specialties: Spine, podiatry and orthopedic surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat), as well as general surgeries, and is provided for the most as outpatient care. Nobilis Health Corp. is a full service healthcare development and management company. They continue their expert leadership experience which includes developing and managing over 100 surgical centers. It is Nobilis’ goal to provide superior medical care with patient satisfaction and with economically lower costs for their healthcare delivery. Nobilis continues to remain a recognized innovator and leader with the medical industry. Nobilis continues to provide new development and management of surgical centers and hospitals, marketing with emphasis on patient recruitment and information. There is the regular television and print advertising as well as digital and media marketing for not only patients, but with physicians in mind. They have developed the best information for mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, financial information and the legal aspects.