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Ideas from Rodrigo Terpins’ – He Writes Stories on the Side

Global Point – Tone: Looking for a prose that’s more flowery. Like Charles Dickens wrote the story. Example below.

First Draft – Alarm Clock resolution

What I want: The pair held each other’s gaze as they laughed about the morning’s excitement, both relieved to have arrived to their exam on time and happy that the near mishap provided this moment for a chance encounter beyond the walls of their campus. When the laughter subsided, John, filled with determination and resolution asked Emily if she would like to go out on a date. Emily smiled and agreed.

This goes for every section for all of the stories. Rodrigo Trepins’ looking for something more flowing and literary – closer to formal writing. You have a lot of sentences between 5 and 15 words. The sentence highlighted above has 42 words. As one can see, Rodrigo’s looking for more sentences like this one in the story: The sentence doesn’t need to be 42 words, but the sentences need to be less short and compact – as well as more flowing.

The manicured campus of Milton University was busy with the sound of sleep deprived students making their way to their final exams. A large university carefully nestled within a large city, the setting was ripe for prepared students, especially during its final exam week. Acquiring sleep the night before each exam was no option.

“The pair held each other’s gaze as they laughed.” Main topic

Recent Story Plot by Rodrigo’s Editors – New Writers Sought to Write About Rodrigo’s Rally Racing in Brazil

1920s New Hampshire, that is where we are, and several questions burn through a young man’s mind as he now decides whether to purchase a secondhand store’s unique armoire. A proud historian and American alike, he considers the many benefits that purchasing the rare item, in turn, may bring him.