A Few Facts You Should Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a company with a reputation for being committed to providing top-notch services in the investment banking field. The company operates on the precepts that all clients must be accorded services that have integrity and that are excellent. The company has been doing well in areas related to mergers and acquisitions, advisory services, valuation services and offering professional financial opinions to companies that are private and publicly held. Clients that have been using the company’s service are at all times able to succeed in the global marketplace owing to the fact that they are well structured for optimum growth.

Different with other firms offering similar services, Madison Street Capital holds the opinion that emerging markets are the main component when matters related to driving the global economy are concerned. It has therefore been committed to having a strong focus on the markets and in the process, it has earned the client’s trust worldwide through its unwavering dedication to the highest levels of professional service delivery. While the company has continued to provide financial opinions to big corporations and firms, it has focused its expertise in working together with middle-market firms that have the ability to go through complex transactions so as achieve top quality outcomes.

The firm’s team of experienced professionals are always in touch with the latest investment trends and are always at the table offering clients with the needed sophisticated guidance as well as financial advice from the start to the end. The firm understands very well that every client’s situation is unique and it, therefore, takes all the necessary time so as to understand and analyze each client’s needs so as to come up with the best possible match between sellers and buyers. In the process, it also arranges appropriate financing and creates capitalization structures that optimize on the specific client’s potential.

The firm is proud to be associated with the best service in different industry segments that has allowed its clients reach their goals in a timely design and manner. Its vast experience in matters related to understanding corporate and independence governance have played a very big role in why it is a leading provider in financial advisory services. The firm is among the few that have a widespread network of offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, and it has adopted a global view that offers equal emphasis to businesses regardless of their location.

The Growth of FreedomPop

The wireless service provider FreedomPop was created by Steven Sesa and Stephen Stokols in the early part of 2011. They had been working together for a long time in an attempt to make a new cellphone company that would offer their customers a better and less expensive experience. They had noticed that many people were unsatisfied with their wireless service provider and knew that there was a vast market that they could tap into.

Thus FreedomPop was launched with a monthly plan that enabled users to have 200 free minutes, text messages, and MB of data. This was an instant success for the company which saw thousands of people joining within the fist few weeks. Their popularity grew when the company added numerous paid features, such as international calling, cellphone insurance, and even an unlimited plan for those who use their phone much more than others. These additional services is how FreedomPop makes its money.

It is easy for those who want to leave their old, expensive wireless service provider and join FreedomPop. All they have to do is buy a FreedomPop phone, which can be found online at the company’s website, or purchase an older model Sprint phone that can have the FreedomPop software added to it. The reason Sprint phones can be converted to a FreedomPop phone is because the two companies share the same type of data.

FreedomPop doesn’t actually have an established data network, they have to buy all their data wholesale from other companies, most of which comes from Sprint. This tactic hasn’t affected FreedomPop’s prospects. The company hopes to have over 2 million customers within the next two years. They also have already made plans to expand from North American to South America, Asia, and Europe. By the end of the decade FreedomPop plans to be a major force in the wireless service market. There is a reason that the larger companies are taking notice.

FreedomPop has become such a success because it pays close attention to both their data plans and hot spots. By having only two data plans, free and unlimited, both with various add-ons, the company has made their services available to everyone. Data is used mostly to go on the internet, but is is used for any games or applications that require WiFi. There are very few cellphone companies that allow their users to have a completely free experience. Depending on how many minutes, text messages, and GB of data desired the monthly bill can be easily be above $200 dollars at the larger companies.

Even if customers were able to spread a plan like that over multiple people, like some family data plans allow, they would still be saving a bunch of money by switching to FreedomPop. Currently, there aren’t many places in the United States that don’t have at least minimal cellphone service. Some places, those that have more people or are big cities, have better speeds than others. Big cities also have areas known as hot spots, which greatly boost the speeds of cellphones that are within their range, if they are public, or connected to them if they are private.

The Rapid Rise of FreedomPop’s Free Cellular Phone Service and Data Plans

Since its inception in 2012, FreedomPop has steadily grown as a viable competitor in the cellular industry. The free service has gained the trust of the consumer market and it has single-handedly kicked the telecommunications door wide open. FreedomPop has made it possible for consumers to swap out their high-price contracts for a free, no obligation, cellular plan.

Competitors dislike FreedomPop because they let subscribers use their own cellular device, or subscribers can purchase a smartphone or tablet directly from FreedomPop. FreedomPop’s free cellular plan and affordable premium services are attributed to a few factors, such as FreedomPop being a “mobile virtual network operator,” which means they do not own any wireless infrastructure; rather, FreedomPop purchases data blocks from Sprint at wholesale prices and allocates them to FreedomPop subscribers.

FreedomPop is shaking up the cellular industry by offering plans that are hard to compete with. They offer free talk, free text and free data with the FreedomPop basic subscription plan. The basic plan has limitations of course – 200 talk minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data per month, but these limitations are not really limitations at all, for customers can pay extra to go over their minutes, or they can upgrade their service plan to an unlimited $20 per month talk, text and data plan.

FreedomPop is growing on a global scale and expanding their services into the United Kingdom as a SIM-only provider. SIM-only subscribers provide their own cellular device, but they still get access to all of the standard and premium features that FreedomPop offers. In addition, UK customers can make calls to over 60 countries without incurring international rates.

Actually, FreedomPop has raised over $30 million dollars within the past year from investors in the U.S. and Europe, and they plan to raise an additional $50 to $100 million dollars in 2016. The company plans to use the investment funds to expand into Latin America and Europe in addition to strengthening its customer service and marketing departments. FreedomPop’s CEO, Stephen Stokols, claims that the current goal of the company is to stay independent and generate over a billion dollars in revenue.

Even with low-rate add-ons and below-market costs for a FreedomPop unlimited plan, the company is still generating tremendous revenue that is close to $50 million per year with almost 1 million active subscribers.