How NYC’s Real Estate Expo Can Help You

As most people know, even those who do not work in the real estate world, New York City is the largest real estate market in the United States of America, let alone the entire world. This 2015 calendar year was deemed as “remarkable” for all the home buyers and real estate agents involved. At the New York City Real Estate Expo a few weeks ago, Mr. David Greene spoke of a “relentless” environment for signing leases in New York City.

TOWN Residential is an important real estate player in the New York City real estate scene who specializes in luxury trades. Some of the listings on TOWN Residential’s website,, are upwards of $20,000,000, with others nestled right under one million dollars. Anybody that does not have a good deal of disposable income can probably not afford any of these locations, but one does not have to be wealthy to afford an apartment or home in New York City for less than one million dollars.

TOWN Residential is a relatively new company, only being founded in 2010. Even though TOWN Residential is a young business, it is projected to grow into being one of the most important luxury real estate firms in the Big Apple in the near future.

Very important real estate players such as Peter Von Der Ahe and Ken McCarthy spoke at the Real Estate Expo earlier this November. Many of the variables in the real estate market were covered so the participants will perform better next year and in the years to come.

Mr. Von Der Ahe spoke about regulations that are enacted by the government of the United States and the state of New York, and noted that more regulations usually do not result in good things for the real estate market. Mr. Spencer Levy, another real estate mogul that worked for CBRE, recently said that the stock market has been volatile so the Federal Reserve Bank has changed interest rates for the worse as of recently, which roughly translates into less people being interested in real estate because they will not be able to get the same types of loans that those people could get if the market was more friendly. This will probably not have too much of a negative effect because NYC is so big and it thrives.