Summer Fun With Low Energy Bills: Goettl Tells You How

Summer’s here and it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the day with your friends and family. Of course, it helps that getting outside gets you further away from your mailbox where your energy bill undoubtedly lay, and usually, that’s a relief. Goettl doesn’t believe that your energy bills during the summer have to be terrifying, and have a list of ways you can help beat the summer heat, and subsequently your cooling bills.

1 – Blind the Sun And Curtain Your Fears – Curtains and Blinds can help reduce the cost of cooling by blocking the sun from coming into your home during the day, but there are also energy efficient ones that are specifically designed to reflect the heat away, making a huge difference in your cooling bills.

2 – Inspect Your Windows, Save The Bill – Windows can be a serious source of leakage, letting hot air in in the summer and cold air in in the winter. Sealing your windows with plastic can help keep the heat out in the summertime, and caulking any gaps around them can aid as well.

3 – Lights Aren’t Heat Free – Whenever possible keep your lights off, lights produce a lot of extra heat that most people don’t think about. By keeping lights on only where needed, and using natural light in the daytime, you’ll save yourself a bundle. You can also change to energy efficient lights, which generate the same amount of light but use less energy to do so.

Goettl has been servicing homes like yours since 1926 when it was started by three brothers. Since it’s inception they’ve developed over 100 devices for cooling and heating technology and gotten patents on each of them. They were recently acquired by ARS and will be continuing to provide unparalleled service under former Goettl manager Dan Burke. If you need service for your HVAC systems, or an inspection to find ways to save money on your heating bill, call today.