Up Close And Personal With Paul Mampilly

There are many people who dream about making it huge as entrepreneurs, unfortunately, not all of them are as successful in their ventures as they hope. This is either due to lack of the proper preparation or lack of the proper guidance in the process.

When Paul Mampilly started his journey of investment, all he had to support him was educational qualifications and great ideas. He joined Banyan Hill publishing in the position of a senior editor. He has been offering advice about investing, in cap stock, technology and similar products for the past several decades.

For the last thirty years, Paul has been a common name in wall street. His first wall street job was a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This was followed by a move to Deutsche banking, and then ING. In both of these places, he managed portfolios for multi-million dollar clients. In 2006, Kinetics Fund Managements recruited him to take care of their hedge fund. The company had a net worth of $6billion when he started. He did an impressive job there because by the end of that first year, he had managed to grow that amount to $25billion. This growth earned him a lot of respect from the financial circles with Barron’s naming the hedge funds as one of the best in the world. This was a remarkable growth because the company was gaining 26 percent every year.

His competence is what led to the invitation to take part in the Tan investment challenge. This is a challenge which is normally organized by the Templeton Foundation. When he started the challenge, the company was worth $50 million and in the span of a year, Paul Mampilly had managed to make $88million as profit alone. The most impressive thing on his resume as an investor is the success that he was able to achieve despite the economic hard times between 2008 and 2009.

With time however, the world of wall street became a little mundane for him, especially the fact that his skill and expertise was only helping the 5 percent. He quit wall street and moved back home. However, he is not retired as he prefers to offer his expertise elsewhere.

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